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Xbox One System Updates Coming Next Week & Next Month

Microsoft is getting ready to launch some big system updates for the Xbox One. The first one is slated for next week on the 11th and another one on March 4th. Next week's update will have improved Kinect voice commands that according to them will be "more fluid and responsive." In addition, there will be storage management finally for the system, which is disappointingly missing from launch. Currently we still don't know how much space is exactly left on our Xbox Ones, but now we will finally know next week. Another missing feature from launch will also be included in this update, which is a battery indicator. Usually if your Xbox One controller doesn't vibrate during games, it signifies that it is low on battery. Now there will be an indicator on the home screen how much of a battery life is left for a controller. I personally bought a Play & Charge kit to solve the issue and the fact I didn't want to buy batteries anymore. Other additions to next week's update include USB keyboard support, which will be handy when searching or using some of the console's apps, and developer-specific things that will remain behind the scenes. Next week's update does solve some of the console's current problems, but next month's one is also a big update to prepare for the biggest game of the season, Titanfall. [asa]B00CMQTVUA[/asa] March 4th's update will address the party and multiplayer invite issues the Xbox One has been having since launch. They will be improved but we don't know exactly how. Hopefully Microsoft will clarify that in the coming weeks. Plus, with such a big update addressing those issues that close to the console's biggest release so far, it can go either way in terms of actually working or not. We'll see next month if things do get better or perhaps worse for the Xbox One's invite/party system. Satisfied with Microsoft's upcoming system updates to the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.


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