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Xbox One’s June System Update Detailed

The system updates for the Xbox One keep on rolling with another one slated to be up sometime next month. The biggest feature for this new update is the option for external storage, one of the most requested features not yet on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but Microsoft is the first of the two to include it. Two external hard drives with a minimum of 256 GB and 3.0 USB are supported once they are formatted. Also included in this update is the option to use your real name instead of your gamertag. Your gamertag will still be visible on the game screen, but your real name can be useful to make friend list searching a bit easier. Major Nelson put up a video below showing off the new features.

Improvements were also made to the SmartGlass app as well as OneGuide in TV markets outside the US such as Canada, France, and the United Kingdom. In addition and fresh off last week's announcement, Games with Gold and Deals with Gold will be added as new hubs next month in honor of certain apps not requiring Xbox Live Gold anymore.
The Xbox One keeps improving with frequent updates since launch. Any features still missing on Microsoft's newest console? Let us know in the comments below what they should address or include in a future update.


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