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The New Orleans Film Festival: Closing Night and Jury Award Winners Announced

The closing night of the New Orleans Film Festival was held on Thursday, October 19th with a screening of Call Me by Your Name.  For a full review of the film’s earlier screening at the London Film Festival, please find the article here.

Earlier in the week, the New Orleans Film Festival announced its Jury Award Winners.  The list of winners is found below.  The winners of the Narrative Short, Documentary Short, and Animated Short categories are eligible for consideration in the Short Subject category of the Academy Awards.:


Jury Prize Winner: Victor’s History (dir. Nicholas Chevalier)

Victor hires a documentary filmmaker to create a film to honor the legacy of his father.  Tensions arise between Victor and the filmmakers when it becomes evident that there is a disconnect between the light in which he desires to portray his father and the reality of his complicated family.

Prize: $10,000 camera package sponsored by Panavision + Final Draft 9 and Showbiz Budgeting Software

Special Jury Award: Rift (dir. Erlingur Thoroddsen)


Jury Prize Winner: Ask the Sexpert (dir. Vaishali Sinha)

In a country where sexuality is more perplexed than accepted by its citizens, 90-year old Dr. Mahinda Watsa fights the comprehensive sexual education ban in India.

Prize: $2,500 Music Licensing Credit sponsored by Musicbed, a Samsung 360 camera, and a 2TB hard drive sponsored by CRU, Inc.

Special Jury Award: Olancho (dir. Chris Valdés and Ted Griswold)


Jury Prize Winner: On Our Watch (dir. Jonathan Evans)

This documentary highlights the increasing problem of erosion of Louisiana’s coastal lands.

Prize: $10,000 Camera Package sponsored by Panavision + Final Draft 10 + Showbiz Budgeting Software

Special Jury Award: Woke (dir. Iman Shervington)



Prize: $2500 in Kodak film stock, a six-month membership to the International Screenwriters Association, Showbiz Budgeting Software, Final Draft 10, and a Vimeo Pro account, in addition to a one-week color grading and sweetening package at Ansgar Media / Village Studios with roundtrip airfare and accommodations included

Jury Prize Winner: “Miss World” (dir. Georgia Fu)

Special Jury Award: “American Dream” (dir. Alexia Oldini)


Prize: 2TB hard drive and a DCP Kit sponsored by CRU, Inc., as well as a Vimeo Pro Account

Jury Prize Winner: “The Rock” (dir. Hamid Jafari)

Special Jury Award: “Commodity City” (dir. Jessica Kingdon)


Prize: One-year license for Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and a one-year license for Toon Boom Harmony Premium

Jury Prize Winner: “The Noise of Licking” (dir. Nadja Andrasev)

Special Jury Award: “Summer Camp Island” (dir. Julia Pott)

Prize: Vimeo Pro account

Jury Prize Winner: “Turtles Are Always Home” (dir. Rawane Nassif)

Special Jury Award: “Memory of August” (dir. Margaret Rorison)


Prize: $10,000 camera rental package sponsored by VER

Jury Prize Winner: “Alone” (dir. Garrett Bradley)

Special Jury Award: “August” (dir. Caitlin Greene)



Apex Post Award for Best Sound in a Feature Film

Prize: $3500 in sound services from APEX Post

Winner: Rift (dir. Erlingur Thoroddsen)

Cinematography Award: Louisiana Narrative Feature

Prize: $10,000 camera package from VER Camera New Orleans

Winner: Hate Crime (cinematographer: Jon Philion)

Cinematography Award: Louisiana Narrative Short

Prize: $10,000 camera package from VER Camera New Orleans

Winner: “Tourist” (cinematographer: Justin Zweifach)

#CreateLouisiana Tribeca Film Institute Travel Grant

Prize: $1250 to offset travel costs for attending TFI Network

Winner: #streetpunksofyagon | Maja Holzinger, Yamil Rodriguez, Zuzanna Borucka


For further information on the New Orleans Film Festival, please visit the New Orleans Film Society.

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