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Trailer Watch: The Force Awakens, Batman vs. Superman, and More

"Oh my what a weekend"

We have just had a HUGE weekend for trailers. First up, the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim lead to some major release info, hints, spoilers, interviews, and more. The biggest drop of the weekend was, without a doubt (a bit of doubt), the newest Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser. Words fail to convey the gravity of the video, so grab a box of tissues and buckle up:

This trailer has everything fans have been salivating for since the original trilogy left us, and the prequels took their place. With a fantastic John Williams score, the trailer begins as Luke Skywalker (Mark effing Hamill) discusses the force with his (assumed) child. We get very little actual movie footage, but the glimpses are far more impressive than the original teaser. Not to mention, we get an ending that could make even the most embittered Episode One defector weep.

Also being released over the weekend is the first teaser trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released after Warner Brothers’ hand was forced after the teaser was leaked:

This teaser is sets the tone following the events of Man of Steel with talking heads debating if Superman is savior or a menace and we get our first look of Ben Affleck as Batman. Batman dons battle-armor that he worn in Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns as faces off against the Last Son of Krypton as Affleck attempts to copy Christian Bale’s Batman voice.

Not to be outdone (they were anyway), 20th Century Fox unveiled the first trailer for their upcoming, reimagined, Fantastic Four reboot. A new origin story is concocted, and pulled off with some pretty CGI imagery. We get to meet the new cast, and explore plot highlights and possible villains. The full trailer is below:

A surprisingly talented cast certainly boosts Fantastic Four‘s chances, but I refuse to hold my breath. Advancements in computer technology have made quite a difference in the tone of the film, which seems to be about as dark as Age of Ultron. Unlike the first two “attempts” at Fantastic Four, the reboot looks as if it may have gotten The Thing right, as he is given a pretty badass stunt (even if it is a blatant Hulk ripoff); eat your heart out Michael Chiklis.

[UPDATE] Another massive trailer hit the airwaves today with the release of the full length Jurassic World trailer. With a closer look at what was causing all the mayhem in the epic teaser, to Chris Pratt paling around with raptors, this trailer has everything:

Pioneering such incredible advancements in genetics, technology, and engineering, coupled with the disastrous results of their early efforts, one would think the owners of Jurassic Park might invest some more powerful guns.

Oh yeah, this also leaked, but it’s not a big deal or anything:

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  • Irish Jim

    The Star Wars trailer looks very good. They might finally have gotten a sequel right.

    Make people afraid of Superman? That is stupid. It is not who Superman is. It is like they are trying to make Superman a Marvel character. DC has the 2 most popular comic book characters of all time in Superman and Batman. They should just let them be who they have been for the last 70 years. If anything, it should be Superman hunting Batman and figuring out he is a good guy. I know there are some story lines about Batman being able to control the JLA heroes who flip out, but this story seems out of line.

    Another Fantastic 4 origin movie. We had one not long ago. Do we really need another one. Also, the Fantastic 4 is pretty limited. They are less powerful than the Avengers or the X-Men. I don’t think we need them.

    Another Jurassic Park movie? It looks like it follows the first one for sure as the sets and one scientist look the same. Who could possibly think having vicious dinosaurs and tourists together would be a good thing? You could not possibly make it safe. It looked cool, but it is essentially the first movie over again with more people at risk.

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