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Ant-Man Villain Revealed – Trailer Coming Soon

"ANT-MAN's antagonist, Yellow Jacket has been revealed in new promo banner"
British apparel company Aykroyd & Sons posted a link this morning in connection with their securing the rights to merchandize Ant-Man, that contained a banner with an image of Corey Stoll's Yellow Jacket. Immediately picked up by the writers at ComicBookMovie.com, the banner, below, has gone viral. ANT-MAN Banner After the debacle over switching from director Edgar Wright to Peyton Reed, Ant-Man was thrown into a mire of re-shoots and script tweaks. The story of a superhero with the incredible ability to shrink down in size, but drastically increase his strength, Ant-Man features Paul Rudd (I Love You ManAnchorman 1-2) as Scott Lang/Ant-Man, Evangeline Lily (The Hobbit Trilogy, Lost), Michael Douglass (Wall StreetThe Game) and the return of "Agent Carter," Hayley Atwell. As of last week, a trailer (coming in at just about 1:48) was classified, signaling that Marvel's "Phase 2" closer is finally finished (for a great breakdown of Phase 3, look no further). While we can fully expect to catch a better glimpse of Stoll's Yellow Jacket in the trailer, WHEN that might be, has, as usual, been hotly debated. Estimates range from as early as later this week (our guess), to later in January in front of the premier of ABC's "Agent Carter." As always, Entertainment Fuse will be here to cover the much-anticipated Ant-Man trailer whenever it finally drops.  [caption id="attachment_65387" align="aligncenter" width="472"]ANT-MAN Glamour Shot[/caption]


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