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Donna Smoak Will Return In Arrow’s Fourth Season

"More awkward moments for Felicity"
One of the more surprising additions to Season 3 of Arrow was the introduction of Felicity Smoak's sexpot mother, Donna. If you enjoyed her lighthearted presence, then prepare for some good news. donna smoak TVLine reports that actress Charlotte Ross will return as the lovable -- if not too bright -- Donna Smoak in the sixth episode of Arrow's fourth season. In her few short appearances, Donna brought a dose of much needed humor to the the seemingly unending gloom of Season 3; with the show poised to go in a lighter direction, she will likely feel right at home. Donna could have been an annoying addition to the cast, but Ross perfectly balanced the character's humor with her underlying love for her hyper-intelligent daughter. Much has changed in Felicity's life since she last saw Donna, with her daughter now dating Starling (or Star) City's most eligible bachelor, she will likely have more than a few humorous remarks. Donna's return means we may also finally get to learn more about Felicity Smoak's mysterious father. No stranger to the realm of television, Ross has previously appeared in shows such as Hit the Floor, Glee, Nashville, NYPD Blue, and Days of Our Lives -- for which she received an Emmy nomination. Arrow returns to The CW Wednesday, October 7, and Donna Smoak will return to make us all laugh in episode six.


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