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First Look at Colder: The Bad Seed #1

At San Diego International Comic Con it was announced that there were twelve new series coming out from Dark Horse Comics. Colder: The Bad Seed #1 is one of those new comics and a preview is now available. Colder: The Bad Seed is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Colder series. The book will be written by Eisner winner Paul Tobin (Bandette, The Witcher) and with art by Juan Ferreyra (Kiss Me Satan). The two are also working together on another Dark Horse project, Prometheus: Fire and Stone. Declan Thomas’ powers continue to develop even after he has taken care of the psychotic killer Nimble Jack. Even worse for Declan? The chaotic Swivel wants to take Nimble Jack’s place. Read the preview of Colder: The Bad Seed #1 and my first impressions below.   Colder Bad Seed #1 CoverColder Bad Seed #1 Page 1Colder Bad Seed #1 Page 2Colder Bad Seed #1 Page 3Colder Bad Seed #1 Page 4Colder Bad Seed #1 Page 5   Tobin’s set-up is suitably creepy and I didn’t feel as incredibly out of the loop as I thought I would considering I have not read the original series. Declan’s talents are established quickly with a mixture of show and tell and I like the chemistry he has with his female partner. Ferreyra’s art really works well here, fitting the unsettling tone of the comic perfectly with his painted panels (though the shadows on the fourth page make that poor girl looks like she has liver spots). I really like the creepy vibe he is creating though. Not just the monsters running around in people’s heads but also the man walking towards Declan whose hands have claw-like nails and the odd line of buckets drawing birds along the street. Colder: The Bad Seed #1 will be available in stores on October 22nd. Be ready to get chilled.


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