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Introducing: The Justice League!

"Here's a whos' who!"

The controversy surrounding DC’s Suicide Squad and its conflicting reviews was a testament to the adage that all press is good press - it might not be all good, but people just can’t stop talking about the DC Extended Universe!

The next movie on their long release schedule is Wonder Woman, set for June next year, but a lot of that story will be set during World War 1, giving audiences enough of Diana Prince’s backstory to justify her involvement in the first big ensemble movie, Justice League Part 1 later in the year.

Although all the core members of the Justice League got at least a little cameo in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and even some in Suicide Squad, here’s a little introduction to them all, in the form of new character gifs tweeted by the Justice League Movie twitter account.

Superman, aka Clark Kent/Kal-El: a Kryptonian sent to Earth at the destruction of his home planet. Powers include super-strength, flight, and laser eyes. He doesn't get a gif since, technically, he's dead. Plus you all know who he is.

Batman, aka Bruce Wayne: billionaire vigilante who dresses up like a bat. No powers to speak of except the power, tech, and influence that money brings.

Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince: an Amazonian super-being, raised as a warrior princess. Powers include super-strength and speed, not to mention her Lasso of Truth.

The Flash, aka Barry Allen: a speedster. Being struck by lightening gave him the power of super-speed, and possibly time travel!

Aquaman, aka Arthur Curry: King of Atlantis, protector of the seas. He can control marine life, or, as Batman puts it, he can “talk to fish.”

Cyborg, aka Victor Stone: a kid whose tragic accident resulted in injuries that could only be healed by making half machine. His gadgets and weapons are literally a part of him.

Well, that’s the gang! We’re looking forward to seeing them take down the bad guys in Justice League Part 1, November 17 2017.


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