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Jack Reacher Sequel to Shoot in the Fall

The action icon that is Tom Cruise is on top, yet again, coming off the success of the recent Mission: Impossible - Rouge Nation. As expected another Mission: Impossible is slated for a 2017 release. Are there any more sequels planned from some of Cruise's other films leading up to "Rogue Nation"? film-jackreacher-splsh Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the previous 2012 Tom Cruise/Christopher McQuarrie collaboration Jack Reacher will be planning a return to the big screen some time in 2016. Particularly following the success of "Rouge Nation", which reminds everyone of Cruise' pedigree, a second Jack Reacher film seems like a stronger possibility than previously thought. No concrete word on the story of the second film, other than it began as an adaptation of Lee Child's eighteenth Reacher novel, Never Go Back, which sees Reacher revisiting his old military base only to be charged with for violent crime and also become faced with a surprising paternity case. The kicker here is that Reacher has no recollection of either event. Something is amiss for sure. No official world on a director as of yet.


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