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New Watch Dogs Trailer Introduces Cast of Characters

It has been a trailer load of a week for Ubisoft, with new videos showcasing Valiant Hearts: The Great War released a couple days ago.  Today Ubisoft released yet another trailer for this week, one that shows off the cast of characters in their upcoming sandbox action adventure title, Watch Dogs.
Mixing hacking with the vibrancy of violent urban criminal underground life, the latest Watch Dogs trailer clues viewers into some of the characters leading to a few expectations for their utility towards the game's protagonist, Aiden Pearce.
He's going to have some backend hacking help by a tattooed DedSec vixen, outfitted by an impeccably dressed psychopathic fixer, supported by a black-bearded blue-collared welder by day pyromaniac by nature, with networking expertise from a former Army signals spec now wrapped up in Chicago's gang culture, while being involved with an aged nefarious criminal underlord.
Watch Dogs is scheduled to release later this month on May 27th across the current and previous generation Xbox and Playstation consoles as well as PCs.  Learn more about Pierce's motley crew below.


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