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Tale as old as Time: Live Action Beauty and the Beast

Eschewing original content to capitalize on the nostalgia of millions, Disney is continuing with it’s mission to transform all of its animated classics into live-action cash cows. Variety reports that Disney has tapped Bill Condon to direct the live-action adaptation of their 1991, Academy Award Winning film, Beauty and the Beast. Bill Condon is best known for directing 2006’s Dreamgirls and the final two Twilight films. Screenwriter Bill Condon, Oscar-winner for "Gods and Monsters." The news comes after the studios massive success with it’s live-action adaptations of Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent. It also follows suit with Disney’s production slate that include plans to adapt Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and The Little Mermaid. Fellow movie-goers, I know exactly what you’re thinking: “Can’t I just watch the original animated feature if I want to relive the magic? Why don’t I just watch the French classic La Belle et la Bête? Why don't I watch the new French adaptation starring Vincent Cassel? Crap- I’m going to shell out ten bucks to see the same story with LOTR special effects.”


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