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Trailer Watch: The Long Awaited Ant-Man Trailer

"After months of teaser spots, and glimpses, Marvel finally released "Ant-Man Trailer 1" this morning"
Published earlier this morning, and already racking up an impressive 82,000 views (as of 10:00 AM PST), the Ant-Man trailer has landed with a resounding boom. The departure of original director, Edgar Wright, and subsequent reshooting/re-scripting signaled some major strifes for the fledgling production. Fearing that Wright's absence and Payton Reed's takeover would drain the feature of humorous-originality, fans have been somewhat skeptical (for a Marvel movie, anyway) about Ant-Man's fate. While not exactly a breath of fresh air, the new trailer looks promising, and has taken - at least some - advantage of funnyman lead, Paul Rudd's, comedic acuity. See for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWdKf3MneyI As anyone who is a fan of House of Cards can tell you, Corey Stoll will make an incredible villain. Part Captain America mythology, part Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man is right at home with the increasingly-lighthearted Marvel "side projects." While nothing all that surprising comes to light, the trailer ends with one of the best action sequences since anything  The Lego Movie had to offer. In the end, Marvel know what they are doing, and have a pretty solid formula in place to ensure the perfect combination of fan-appeasement and boundary-pushing blockbuster action sequences; that being said, I'm excited.


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