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The Super Bowl 2015 Movie Trailers are Here

"Get your Monday morning fix of Super Bowl trailers below"

This was a pretty solid year for Super Bowl commercials, and with 2015 having such a wide array of massive blockbuster releases, the movie trailers were out in full force.  Below we have listed the essential trailers that premiered last night at the world’s (America’s) most watched sporting event.

Terminator GenisysWith the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a great supporting cast including J.K. Simmons, Jai Courtney, and Emilia Clarke, Genisys promises to be an action-packed dystopian thrill ride.


Fifty Shades of Grey: Roll your eyes all you want, but Fifty Shades has spawned a massive following, and a huge uptick in revenue for sex shops/ toy manufacturers. Recently hit with an “Over 18” rating in the UK, Fifty Shades refuses to stop making headlines.


Pitch Perfect 2Pitch Perfect was a great “musical,” and I, for one, cannot wait to see what the sequel has in store. Elizabeth Banks’ debut feature (aside from a segment she directed in the poorly-received Movie 43) will hopefully elevate itself from other comedy sequels, desperately trying to recapture the magic by re-hashing old jokes, and highlighting “audience favorites,” in favor of solidly written comedy.


Avengers: Age of UltronWe all know what this one is about, and this new trailer has some great new footage; enjoy.


Hot Tub Time Machine 2Another unexpected piece of comedy gold, Hot Tub Time Machine should never have been as good as it was. Along the same lines as Pitch Perfect 2, hopefully this will not fall into the same trap of copy/paste scriptwriting.


Kingsman: The Secret ServiceAs its February 13th release date gets closer and closer, we have been seeing more of Colin Firth and his politely ass-kicking group of British agents. Part James Bond, part Avengers, Kingsman looks to be an interesting take on the classical British spy movie.


Insurgent: At a full minute, the newest trailer for the upcoming entry in the “Divergent” series, is full of Shailene Woodley being an all-out hero, and partaking in some highly-CGI’ed destruction.


The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of WaterThis one could go either way. Whether it becomes 2015’s answer to The LEGO Movie, or another entry in the “kids only” archive of terribly planned-out animation, the trailer is available below.


Minions: The First spinoff from the Despicable Me series, Minions looks to be little more than a money-grab from a studio cashing in on a popular franchise.


Ted 2Here’s another animated feature that will certainly be nothing like the previous two. Fresh off of his critically-derided A Million Ways to Die in the West, director/writer/star Seth MacFarlane returns to his “surefire” hit, Ted.


TomorrowlandOne of Entertainment Fuse’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2015Tomorrowland features George Clooney and Britt Robertson’s exploration of a distant utopian world that exists only in their collective memories.


Jurassic World: Chris Pratt is at it again with another highly-anticipated franchise revival. Taking place after Jurassic Park opens its doors to the public, an inevitable disaster strikes leading to free, rampaging, dinosaurs made even more lifelike by current VFX technology.


Furious 7This movie is going to be insane. Each entry in the storied franchise seems to have bigger and bigger stunts, constantly trumping the craziest moment in the previous film. If jumping a Lykan Hypersport between two buildings made the trailer, I cannot wait to see what secrets the film itself has in store.


The Super Bowl is always the epitome of corporate marketing, and this year was certainly no different. Full of commercials (both actual commercials and in-game advertising) the Super Bowl will most likely remain the premier platform for advertisers peddling their various wares, or messages. With a plethora of newly-conceived trailers, Super Bowl XLIX set the stage for a solid year in theaters. Unable to think of a way to end this article, I think I will take my leave “Like a Boss”:

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