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WonderCon 2019: Spotlight on Donny Cates
April 13, 2019 | Comic Features
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WonderCon 2019: Spotlight on Tom King
April 6, 2019 | Comic Features
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SDCC 2017: Young Justice Outsiders
August 1, 2017 | Comic News
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Comic Uno’s Like Father, Like Daughter #4 Kickstarter Launches
January 29, 2017 | Comic News
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Poe Dameron #14 Will Have A Tribute for Carrie Fisher
January 2, 2017 | Comic News

Comic News

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Image Reunites Azz and Risso

Brian Azzarello is coming back to Image Comics and he is bringing back a friend that is sure to get die hard fans excited. Esteemed artist Eduardo Risso is joining former 100 Bullets cohort for more criminal madness in this new noir narrative. Twisting old styles with a horror twist comes the perfect October release […]

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The Discipline Brings New Horror

Two of the biggest names in niche comics and disturbingly intriguing horror bring you a volume that is sure to get you hooked. Peter Milligan (The Names, X-Statix, Hellblazer) and Leandro Fernandez (The Names, Punisher MAX, Northlanders: The Plague Widow) will release the first arc of their chillingly erotic horror series The Discipline in trade […]

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Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman Costume Revealed

Check out Kat’s thoughts on the first photo released for Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman costume for the Supergirl TV show:

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Brie Larson is Captain Marvel (Video)

Check out Kat’s video talking about the Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic Con news that Brie Larson will be playing Captain Marvel:

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SDCC: Image Comics Scores Big at 2016 Eisner Awards

One of the biggest nights in the comics industry comes at the Eisner Awards, arguably the biggest prize for those working in comics. This past Friday, the 2016 Eisners, which honor comic creators in 34 different categories, were held. Actor John Barrowman (Arrow, Torchwood) was the host. Image Comics had a big night at the […]

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Kid Flash Costume Revealed for The Flash Season 3 (Video)

Check out Kat’s thoughts on Wally West’s Kid Flash costume for The Flash Season 3. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below:

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Marvel Finds a Team for Their Champions Title

Last week Marvel released a teaser that showed the young heroes from All-New, All-Different Avengers (Nova, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Man) leaving the team. Now Marvel has announced that they will be part of a new team called the Champions. Nova, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Man won’t be the only young heroes joining the team. Totally Awesome […]

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Midnighter and Apollo Get Their Own Mini-Series

This week DC Comics announced that Midnighter and Apollo will be getting their own mini-series in October. Midnighter and Apollo are LGBT characters who have been in an on-again off-again relationship for many years. Steve Orlando, who worked on the Midnighter ongoing series and is also part of the LGBT community, will be writing the […]

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Marvel Teases Upcoming Patriotic-Themed U.S.Avengers

Marvel Comics’ Civil War II has only recently begun and it still has a ways to go until it’s finished. Still, the company has already begun teasing elements of their universe post-CWII, something they are calling “Marvel NOW!” A new series called U.S.Avengers will be another entry in the “Marvel NOW!” initiative. It is quite possible that […]

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Marvel Unveils New Character – Mosaic

It’s not exactly news that most of the top characters at Marvel date back to the Silver Age, over 50 years ago. Marvel has not introduced many breakout characters in the 21st century, although Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel are exceptions. Last week, Marvel announced a new character whom they hope will be another standout superhero. […]

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