Turn off the Lights
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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review
December 27, 2019 | Movie Reviews
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The Rise of Skywalker: Before The Viewing
December 20, 2019 | Movie Features
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The Philadelphia Film Festival opened Thursday with “Parasite” and “Just Mercy”
October 20, 2019 | Movie Features
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Carnival Row (Spoiler-Free) Review
August 29, 2019 | TV Reviews
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Fall Network TV Preview: DRAMAS
August 17, 2019 | TV Features

Comic Chromosome

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Comic Chromosome – Deadpool, Supergirl, and New Years!

Mike and Elvis are back for the first episode of Comic Chromosome of 2016! What will the new year hold in store? Not very much in the way of news, that’s for sure. Our hosts run through the first big splashes of 2016, from new trailers to shows like Supergirl, on the all-new, all-different, all-2016, Comic Chromosome! […]

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Can the Star Wars Comics Go Forward Now?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out now and is in the process of taking all your guys’ money. You’re probably already aware, what with Disney’s marketing blitz. A marketing blitz that seems to be some kind of Pod People situation where it infects all aspects of your life, replacing it with a Star Wars […]

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Comic Chromosome – TMNT & X-Men Trailers!

Mike and Elvis are back once again with an all new, all different Comic Chromosome! This time our intrepid hosts are bringing you the rest of this year’s mid-season finales. Not to mention the brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men trailers. Did they like them? Didn’t they like them? Plus – thoughts on this week’s […]

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Comic Chromosome – Batman v. Superman Trailer!

Mike and Elvis are back with more Comic Chromosome – this time our hosts are taking on the Batman v. Superman trailer! Along with some of Marvel and DC’s newest releases, and show talk as always. We’re reaching mid-season finale season starting with Gotham! All this and more on this week’s podcast. Comments and thoughts would be appreciated […]

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Comic Chromosome – Jessica Jones, Dark Knight, Supergirl!

Mike and Elvis are back with an all new Comic Chromosome! This week, recorded before the premiere Marvel Studios’ new Netflix show Jessica Jones, sees our hosts give predictions about how the series will unfold. Compare, contrast and laugh at their innocence! Also – Frank Miller discloses Dark Knight IV details along with a Carrie Kelly series. Plus – […]

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Comic Chromosome – Girls, Rob Liefeld, Secret Wars!

Mike and Elvis are back with an all new episode of Comic Chromosome! This week we talk about a few things that came to mind. The infamous Luna Brothers’ comic Girls, Rob Liefeld’s return to Marvel, and the never ending event known as Secret Wars. Plus: Preacher, Suicide Squad, and the usual round of comic show talk! Comments and thoughts would […]

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Comic Chromosome – The Flash, Suicide Squad, and GOTG

Elvis and Mike are back at it again with a new episode of Comic Chromosome! In this special, non-Halloween related episode, our co-hosts take on such pressing issues like The Flash and its various flaws, the Suicide Squad magazine covers, Guardians of the Galaxy casting and much more. Here at Comic Chromosome we discuss all of the comic news that is fit […]

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Comic Chromosome – Ant-Man 2, The CW and Huck!

Mike and Elvis are back with another installment of the All-New All-Different Comic Chromosome! Our co-hosts bravely bring you all of the comic related news they see fit to riff. Topics in this episode include: Ant-Man 2 rumors, an advance review of Mark Millar’s Huck, and last (but not least) more summations of this week’s shows! Plus: thoughts on […]

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Comic Chromosome – Providence, NYCC and Dark Knight!

Mike and Elvis are back for another week of everyone’s favorite podcast – Comic Chromosome! On this week’s episode our intrepid co-hosts discuss Alan Moore’s Providence, various New York Comic Con news, and the upcoming The Dark Knight: The Master Race. There’s a lot to go through, and maybe a hiccup or two, but these two will […]

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Comic Chromosome – Flash Gordon, BvS, and SHIELD!

Mike and Elvis are back after a one-week hiatus. There is simply no stopping the All New, All Different Comic Chromosome. Our co-hosts are tackling a wider range of topics this week in a desperate attempt to stave off boredom! The ill-fated Flash Gordon TV series, Batman v. Superman gets a rating, and this week in comic television. Plus: Elvis […]

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