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Holiday Events Good or Bad for Today’s Games?
February 13, 2017 | PS4 Features
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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2016: Matt’s Top 10
December 21, 2016 | PC Features
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Five Reasons to get the iPhone 7
September 8, 2016 | Mobile Features
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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of The Year 2015: Zack’s Top 10
December 27, 2015 | PS4 Features
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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2015: Matt’s Top 10
December 17, 2015 | PS4 Features

Mobile Features

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What is the Pokémon Announcement this Tuesday?

The Pokémon Company has announced that a “shocking” unveil would be happening on August 26th at 9:00AM EST and has opened a teaser page on it. The unveil will be aired on a Niconico live stream titled “Monthly Famitsu featuring Pokémon Special.” It got us thinking, what could be this mystery project be? iOS Pokémon […]

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Why Are Japan’s Most Beloved Franchises Going Mobile?

Breath of Fire VI was announced recently with less than positive reception, and many fans are wondering why. However, many other Japanese publishers have been embracing this model lately with some of their well-known franchises, so will this spell doom for these franchises?

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8th & Something: Early August Mobile Kickstarter(s)

Today, enjoy the collection of interesting and anticipated apps, the down-right strange, and the 100% laughable (still better than anything I could design).

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T-Mobile Makes Some Big Changes

Are you sick and tired of being tied in by phone contracts, watching your monthly data, or just the current structure of major cellular companies? Well, T-Mobile is assuming that you are and at its “Uncarrier” event on tuesday, it hoped to give you your answer.

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A Look at ‘Google Keep’

Google Keep app released for Android 4.0 devices. Bringing ease of access and options to recording ideas, notes, and list. Read the review now.

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GDC ’13 Recap: Day 3 Expo

After realized it wasn’t rational to see “everything”, I was able to see anything.

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GDC ’13 Recap: Day 2 Slowburn

I know. A day late and a dollar short…

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GDC ’13 Recap: Day 1 Grindin’ Jack

The moment I entered San Francisco’s Moscone Center, I was humbly overwhelmed.

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Expand ’13: Day 1 Thoughts

San Francisco is a fantastic city. There is always something interesting and fresh to do or attend. When I caught word of the first Expand event hosted by Engadget, I had to go.

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8th & Something: Godfathers of Mobile

Mobile devices have had a present-day renaissance of technological advancement and design euphoria. However, It did not come without previous success and failures. Here are the eight classic and current mobile devices that helped move us closer to the future.

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