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Comedian Jim Gaffigan Joins Cast of FX Drama Fargo
3 hours ago | TV News
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Stranger Things and Peanuts Mash Up Hits Internet
3 hours ago | TV News
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Sherlock Set to Return to BBC and PBS in January 2017
12 hours ago | TV News
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The Circle of Life: What Fans Want To See in The Lion King Remake
October 27, 2016 | Movie Features
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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review
October 27, 2016 | PC Reviews

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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Review

Say what you will about actor Tom Cruise, but the man has been able to maintain his status as an A-list actor for over three decades in Hollywood. He aligns himself with some of the best talent working behind-the-scenes and continues to push and challenge himself in what he can achieve on the big-screen. He […]

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