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Tales of Berseria Review
February 7, 2017 | PS4 Reviews
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WWE 2K17 (PC) Review
October 24, 2016 | PC Reviews
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Mighty No. 9 Review (PC)
June 28, 2016 | PC Reviews
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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator (PS4) Review
June 10, 2016 | PS4 Reviews
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Disappointment in Manhattan
May 27, 2016 | Xbox One Reviews

PS3 Reviews

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InFamous Review

Welcome to Empire City unfortunately an explosion has just happened, we’ve been quarantined by the government, and gangs control the city; but it’s still a place you’re going to want to visit…. a lot.

You will be playing as Cole MacGrath, a bike messenger that luckily the device that caused the explosion gave superpowers over electricity to. Cole as a character is pretty generic, he’s the typical stoic gruff voiced guy from any other video game or movie; ironically he sounds like a mesh of Solid Snake and Christian Bale’s Batman. Most of the game plays as a 3rd person shooter with some platforming. InFamous isn’t usually described as a shooter, but essentially that’s what it is. Instead of shooting guns, you’re shooting lightning out of your hands or you’re creating an electrical grenade instead of throwing an actual frag grenade. 

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Often when something works, and works well, it will have imitators and copycats come out of the woodwork and try to capitalize on the splash made by the original. This is especially true in the media world and in video games. The hottest trend right now is an oldie but goodie: the portrayal of the possibility of a coming apocalypse, an Armageddon. There are different spins put on it from heaven vs. hell, man vs. the supernatural, or some seemingly omnipotent being needing to be stopped from wreaking havoc, but in the end it all comes down to the same basic concept. In the first quarter of 2010, we have three such games coming out with this basic theme: God of War 3, Dante’s Inferno and Darksiders with the original God of War series being the base concept.

Just because all these games may be similar in theme and execution, does not mean that they all can’t be good. In fact, sometimes the imitators will surpass the original and blow the concept out of the water. The first of these three games released, Darksiders, might do just that.

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When one mentions Sega, the first thing that comes to mind, for most people, is a spiky blue hedgehog. However, Sega has taken steps over the past couple years to let people know there is a lot more to them than our super fast friend. First came Jack in last year’s sleeper hit Madworld, with his chainsaw and the game’s Sin City style sending gamers into a frenzy. Now, with the help of Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe director Hideki Kamiya, Sega unveils their latest creation: Bayonetta.

With guns in hand (and attached to each ankle), as well as swords, claws, and other weapons you acquire over the course of the game, Bayonetta, a 500 year old witch who escaped the witch hunts of the 15th century, rages her own personal war against the forces of heaven as she fights to not only restore the balance between light and dark, but also to restore the memories she lost when she was forced into a near five century hibernation by her fellow witches.

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Heavy Rain Double Review

Heavy Rain is a game that delivers in all the ways that it wants to and does it so very well.  I have never been as attached to video game characters for so long. It feels almost odd how much I cared for each one. 

But let me take it one step back before I talk about everything I love about this game.  For those who don’t know what this game is about let me inform you.  You play as several characters in a story who, in one way or another, have ties to the serial murderer named the Origami Killer.  Each of the characters has their own reasons to go for this mad man, and how they go about finding out who the killer is depends heavily on your, the player’s, actions.

This game has a lot of cut scenes where you have to press a series of buttons in order to successfully catch a running criminal, fight a thug or even shave (yes you read it right … shave).  What makes this different from other games though, like God of War where you have the same idea of button presses, is that if you miss a button prompt it’s not “crap now I have to start over”.  Instead, the game keeps going so whether or not that missed hit cost you, the chance to catch someone with valuable information, save someone’s life or the cost to your own life depends on how quick you are on your feet … or fingers. Also, yes, your characters can die. That means if one of the characters dies, then that’s it. The story keeps going without that particular story arc, which makes for a lot of interesting outcomes.  Now a lot of these actions may feel a little mundane at first like having to use the left analog stick to put your car in park, knock on doors, or even move under an object.  However, it really helps to make you feel in control and feel like you are the one making every single decision, which helped me get sucked in deeper into this world.

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God of War III Review

One of the biggest franchises in gaming finally goes next-gen, but does it live up to the high standards that it predecessors set? God of War III continues the story of Kratos seeking revenge against Zeus and the other gods. Why is he so pissed off? Well, who remembers that, the important part is beating up Olympians is fun and it has never looked this good before.

The previous God of War installments pushed games forward graphically and cinematically and that pattern continues here. God of War III is easily the most cinematic and epic game of this generation. When you’re using one hundred feet tall titans as a level to battle on, all while you’re seeing some of the best graphics ever, it’s hard to think of a more epic or impressive game. This is greatly helped by the camera being so dynamic and cinematic. It zooms in and pans out to incorporate the impressive level design and environmental art. 

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Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno is based upon the epic poem “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Aligheri. In the game, you are in control of the title character, Dante. Armed with Death’s Scythe, you fight hordes of the dead in the nine circles of hell to rescue your murdered wife from Lucifer’s clutches. In addition to the scythe, you also have a holy cross to help you dish out the damage. Scattered througout the game are mana and energy pools in which you can restore lost health and magic. During gameplay, a quick time system is used where Dante is able to either absolve or punish his foes with a series of button imputs, but just a little warning: the incorrect imput will get you countered and wounded.

Upon defeating your foes, you receive souls, which then can be used for upgrades to either of the two categories: Holy(cross) or Unholy(scythe). The more souls you obtain, the more experience you gain, which allows you to upgrade your weapons. A lot of your experience can also be obtained in absolving or punishing many famous figures in history, triggering a mini game where you have to capture the particular characters sins via more button imputs. The amount of experience gained depends upon the number of sins captured.

I have to say that upon starting the game for the first time, you figure out that this is definitely not a game for anyone under the age of 18, or the weak of heart for that matter. There is painstaking attention to detail, from the landscapes down to the characters and clothing. There are little interludes in the game with less graphic art, but I think it only adds to the game as a whole. Gameplay does get a bit daunting when you are pitted against seemingly impossible amounts of foes, it even borders on annoying but due to smooth controlling, it’s easy. You definitely do not get a break in this game due to constant environment-based puzzle solving and large sections of platforming in which you have to jump, swing, and climb across treacherous terrain where one slip-up means your life.

Although the hours of gameplay itself are relatively short ( 7-10 hours), it’s a fun hack-and-slash trip through hell. You can always downoad add-ons or choose another difficulty to experience the story all over again and revel in all of the  graphic rich material. Nudity is prevalent here in this game, so if you can’t handle it, don’t play it. If you can, you will receive some shocks. I don’t recommend looking down on Lucifer though…

I give it a 9.5 out of 10

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For many fans of the original SOCOM series you’ll be glad to hear that we know have some information about the upcoming title Zipper Interactive SOCOM 4.  This time it looks like they plan to take the single player campaign a step up from the first three games and make it much more enjoyable this time around.  Apparently a militant revolutionary has taken control of a South Asian country and it’s up to you and your squad of five elite soldiers to stop them.  The single-player experience will take place you through many different environments including jungle and urban environments.

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