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Nintendo Direct Recap (April 12)
April 12, 2017 | Wii-U News
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The Sonic Cycle and Will Sonic Mania or Forces Succumb to it?
March 27, 2017 | PS4 Features
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The Life and Times of the Wii U
March 23, 2017 | Wii-U Features
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review
March 16, 2017 | Wii-U Reviews
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1-2-Switch Review
March 15, 2017 | Wii-U Reviews


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The Week of July 18th in Nintendo Downloads

Another week, another exciting list of Nintendo downloads (although Virtual Console is mysteriously missing again). As usual, this is taken straight from the Nintendo Press Release. Enjoy. The selection of downloadable games for the WiiWare™ service and the Nintendo DSiWare™ service keeps on growing, this time with a zoological twist.

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What is Black, White And Red All Over? Madworld Review

Violence and the Wii; two things rarely ever combined. Even Nintendo executives would probably agree that the Wii is not necessarily geared to the more blood-hungry, arguably more mature, gamers. However, eager to fill the void, developer Platinum Games and publisher Sega released the action packed Madworld on March 29, 2009.
To start with, Madworld‘s story is equally confusing and mysterious. First we are greeted with scenes of Varrigan City in crisis and the Mayor giving an urgent press conference. Terrorists have simultaneously released a deadly virus and usurped the transportation and television facilities. Soon thereafter, the screen cuts to our protagonist Jack as he confronts a masked assailant. Immediately after Jack dispatches the foe, the mysterious Agent XIII contacts Jack and acts as his sponsor for the terrorist created show Death Watch. Finally after a confusing beginning, we are thrust into Madworld.

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New Metroid: Other M Trailers

In a little over a month from now, on Aug. 31, Metroid: Other M will be released in North America. For gamers who have no idea how rapidly that date is approaching, and for those who are just want to wet their tongues, Nintendo has a solution. Starting with Monday of this week, Nintendo will be releasing a new trailer everyday via website CVG.

So will there finally be a solid gameplay trailer we have been waiting for? Will we really dig deep into Samus’s origin? Will there be blood? Well, yes, no, and maybe so.


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Wii For the Hardcore: Muramasa Edition

Most Wii games are shovel-ware. Most people seem to feel that hardcore games do not exist in the Wii world, and though wading through Best Buy bargain bins lends some validity to this statement, this does not mean the Wii does not have a good amount of great hardcore games. The big problem is, with the exception of first party titles, games that elitists would fancy don’t usually sell too well. Case in point; Vanilla Ware’s Muramasa.



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3DS Strong Against Piracy?

As if the 3DS could not garner any more news, one of it’s lesser known features is drawing praise from developers. Aside from being impressed by the well-working 3D screen, the intuitive analog, and numerous developers backing it, one could also note the 3DS’s strong anti-piracy features. Well, at least if you are THQ’s VP of global marketing, Ian Curran. Thus, in a Jul. 9 interview with CVG, Curran stated “What excites me even more is that there is technology built in that device to really combat piracy.”

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3DS Shines at Game Critics Awards

Although E3 is over and done with for the year, following it every year is the prestigious Game Critics Awards. Despite some ridiculous acts of mother nature, and an even more ridiculous oil spill, 2010 is just like any year before it. Therefore, a week ago the nominees were decided on, the votes were finally tallied, and the big winners are Nintendo’s 3DS and id’s Rage.

Despite only winning two of eighteen awards, the 3DS received arguably the strongest awards with wins in the Best of Show and Best Hardware categories. In a similar fashion, Rage dominated the software front and was granted three awards: Best Console Game, Special Commendation for Graphics and Best Action Game.


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Possible New Nintendo IP

Objectively speaking, Nintendo had one of the strongest E3 press conferences this year. Subjectively speaking, said presentation was also the most satiating. However, if you fancy yourself an uber-cynic, then there may be even more Nintendo-centric news to eat away at the black hole that is your heart. On July 29, during a shareholders meeting in the company’s Kyoto headquarters, Shigeru Miyamoto started dropping hints of “a new character.”

Starting with a Q&A session, Miyamoto started speaking of activities currently holding his interests. Some of which included, swimming and being part of a youth help organization. As history denotes, when Miyamoto usually speaks of hobbies along comes new intellectual property. Hence was the case with Pikmin and Miyamoto’s love of gardening.

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