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Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy!
April 22, 2014 | Wii-U Features
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PAX East 2014: Lackluster & Getting Redundant
April 17, 2014 | PC Features
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Smash Bros. Direct – Launch Window, New Fighters, New Modes, Balancing & More!
April 8, 2014 | Wii-U Features
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Many Mario Kart 8 Questions Answered Today
April 3, 2014 | Wii-U News
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Digital High – Wildstar First Impressions, Tough Times at Sony, and More
March 29, 2014 | Digital High


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The Next Fatal Frame is Coming to Wii U

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have just announced that a new installment of Fatal Frame (aka Project Zero) will be releasing exclusively for the Wii U. Not only are they collaborating to bring the horror franchise to Nintendo’s next-gen console, but this game will also have a movie, comic and novel adaptation. The movie will be […]

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NES Remix Director Shoots Down 3DS Port Hopes, Desires SNES and GBA Remix

For those hoping the popular Wii U eShop titles NES Remix 1 & 2 would hit Nintendo’s more popular handheld are out of luck. IGN got in contact with the series’ director Koichi Hayashida and he believes the 3DS couldn’t handle the remixed 8-bit games: “One of the easiest ways to answer that is to […]

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Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy!

We celebrate the 25th birthday of one of the most successful pieces of gaming hardware to date: the Game Boy. It is the system that debuted Nintendo icons like Kirby, Wario and Pikachu, and carried along parallel installments of popular favorites like Zelda, Final Fantasy and Mega Man. Every kid in the 90’s either had […]

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PAX East 2014: Lackluster & Getting Redundant

I have attended every PAX East since the original in 2010, and this year’s PAX East was by far the worst one. The hype that surrounds it had gotten bigger year over year, and I fail to understand why after consistent years of decreasing importance to publishers, and expo hall growing in shops versus legit […]

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3DS Simulator Tomodachi Life hitting NA, EU in June

In a surprise Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has announced that the quirky life simulator Tomodachi Life will be released in America and Europe this June. The series has been a hit in Japan, with the DS version selling over three million units and the 3DS successor selling over one million. After many hints that the game’s […]

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Smash Bros. Direct – Launch Window, New Fighters, New Modes, Balancing & More!

We’ve seen Nintendo Directs that have focused on one game, like Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101 last year, but Nintendo has yet to do one on a game as big as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. Along with Mario Kart 8, the Wii U version will be one to keep close eye on since […]

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Many Mario Kart 8 Questions Answered Today

Today, Mario Kart 8 has been updated with a wealth of new info as we head towards the last leg of waiting for it’s May release. As we all know since the unveil at last year’s E3, Mario Kart 8 seems to cater to the F-Zero crowd by enabling an antigravity feature, but today we […]

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