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Amiibo Tap: Another Wasted Opportunity for Nintendo
May 1, 2015 | Wii-U Features
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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Review
April 28, 2015 | Wii-U Reviews
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Franchise Forecast: Dead Space, Medal of Honor, SSX
April 17, 2015 | PS4 Features
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Super Smash Bros. Ballot Picks
April 15, 2015 | Wii-U Features
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April 2015 Nintendo Direct Recap
April 1, 2015 | Wii-U News


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Amiibo Tap: Another Wasted Opportunity for Nintendo

Nintendo’s amiibos are still selling like hotcakes with pre-orders for the next wave that is out at the end of the month continuing to sell out in seconds. Then there’s wave five which is out in the UK way earlier than US folks which pre-orders also sold out fast. Despite Nintendo’s toys to life arguably […]

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Review

Let this intro be a disclaimer: Xenoblade Chronicles is one of my favorite games of all time since playing it on Wii three years ago. It brought a new scale to JRPGs not named Final Fantasy thanks to a Nintendo-sized budget and a veteran JRPG team willing to change the rules and adapt another culture’s […]

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Mighty No. 9 Releases in September

Mighty No. 9 has a new release date thanks to Comcept’s new partnership with Deep Silver. The Kickstarted Mega Man successor headed by Kenji Inafune is coming out on September 15th both digitally and at retailers for current gen/past gen consoles, Wii U and PC. The 3DS and Vita versions needed more work, so they […]

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer Details Story

A new story-based trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X launched earlier this week (and fan-subtitled), preparing itself for its Japanese launch next week. In the game, your custom-made hero joins the BLADE organization, where they must explore the planet of Mira after losing the planet Earth to aliens, and must search lost pods that contain cryogenically […]

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Franchise Forecast: Dead Space, Medal of Honor, SSX

Some series are huge and everyone knows they will continue and get new games. Series like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Mario will always have new games coming out. But other franchises are not as certain. Some game franchises have gone dormant or faded away. And now people are wondering: Will we get […]

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Super Smash Bros. Ballot Picks

With Mewtwo out today for those that got him early through Club Nintendo, it marks the day we add DLC to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. This is a bigger deal than you think since Smash was never supposed to get DLC past Mewtwo, but they instead made a 180 and […]

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LEGO Dimensions Announced

First there was Skylanders and Disney Infinity, then Nintendo jumped in with their amiibo range. Now we have a new entrant into the ‘toys-to-life’ genre, and it’s only bloody LEGO who have gotten in on the act! Yep, that’s right. Coming September 27th is Lego Dimensions, developed by long-time LEGO game studio Travelers Tales. It’ll feature a mishmash of […]

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