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WonderCon 2019: Spotlight on Donny Cates
April 13, 2019 | Comic Features
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WonderCon 2019: Spotlight on Tom King
April 6, 2019 | Comic Features
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SDCC 2017: Young Justice Outsiders
August 1, 2017 | Comic News
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Comic Uno’s Like Father, Like Daughter #4 Kickstarter Launches
January 29, 2017 | Comic News
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Poe Dameron #14 Will Have A Tribute for Carrie Fisher
January 2, 2017 | Comic News

Comic News

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Fraggle Rock #1 Sells Out at the Distributor Level

Los Angeles, CA (May 19, 2010) – Archaia proudly announced today that copies of Fraggle Rock #1 have sold out at the distributor level. (Copies may still be available at local comic book shops.) Additional copies of issue #1 are being sent to Diamond Comic Distributors now to meet the demand.
“We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response to Fraggle Rock, and I’m so excited that the first book of the Archaia/Jim Henson Company partnership has flown off the shelves so quickly!” said Archaia Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy. “Archaia is focused on long-term, generational brand building, and Fraggle Rock is one such property that allows us to bridge the gap between the generation that grew up with the original TV show and a new generation of kids, some of whom have never read comics before. Working with The Jim Henson Company is a thrill and an honor, and we hope to continue this success with future Henson comic books, including The Dark Crystal.”    

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Archaia Press Preview: Beronas War

Cute and cuddly on the outside, but malevolent to the core, the Ele-Alta and Cropones will continue to battle even at the risk of extinction! After two races claim the same piece of land, words turn to rage, rage turns to battle and a battle turns to war. The island of Berona will claim countless lives and lay witness to the horrors that greed has to offer!

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Kane and Lynch Get a Comic

Gaming’s Two Most Notorious Criminals Immortalized in the Pages of DC Comics’ Newest Series

COPENHAGEN (May 13, 2010) — IO Interactive, part of Square Enix Europe, is pleased to confirm a partnership with DC Comics to produce a comic book series based on Kane & Lynch™. Not for the fainthearted, the brutal storyline explores some of Kane & Lynch’s criminal past. The comic will be produced by DC’s WildStorm imprint with the first issue launching this August.

“We could not be happier about this partnership and expansion into comics. Who better to work with than DC Comics?” said Niels Jørgensen, general manager of IO Interactive. “We hope the comic book world is ready for the violent mayhem of Kane & Lynch.”

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Oni Press Free Comic Book

Did you miss Oni-Press’ The Sixth Gun #1. Chances are you probably did since it was one of their Free Comic Book Day issues and all the issues were given out. Fortunately for you Oni is giving you two ways to read the issue via their website. You can read the issue online or you can download the PDF as well. Oni is releasing a new printing of the first issue and is encouraging fans to reserve their copy from their local comic book shop.

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Fantasy and Comic Artist Frank Frazetta Passes Away

Legendary fantasy and comic artist Frank Frazetta has passed away due to a stroke on May 10 2010. He was 82 years old.

“A New York City native whose career began in the comic book field at the end of the Golden Age, Frazetta was best known for his fantasy illustrations. From his character and genre-defining run of cover images depicting sword-and-sorcery hero Conan The Barbarian to his own haunting Death Dealer painting and character, the artist found immense popularity across a wide spectrum of fans. From fantasy buffs to heavy metal bands and from comic collector’s to western enthusiasts, Frazetta’s paintings not only inspired many imitators and followers but also made him incredibly popular and comparatively wealthy for a creator in the field of genre art.” Source CBR

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DC Comics Batman Previews

DC had it’s own set of previews this week for its Batman release. Bruce Wayne’s highly anticipated return begins this week. Grant Morrison and Chris Sprouse begin the mini-series with Cave-Man Bruce. It seems that you can take the Bat out of time but not out of the man. Six issue series finds Bruce displaced from the Omega Effect and forced to travel to his rightful time. The only question about this series is will Bruce give up the role of Batman much like Steve Rogers has done?

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Marvel Previews and Sneak Peeks

Marvel release a slew of previews for it’s title releases this week. Join us as we take a stroll through the previews and new releases this week.

First up we have Deadpool Corps #3. I’ll be honest, I have no idea why this book exists or even why people are so in love with Deadpool right now. Every Deadpool book purchased put money in Rob Liefeld’s bank account and that’s one of comics deadly sins. For those who are interested in the book written by Victor Gischler and draw by Liefeld, the title ships this week. Dead Dog, or whatever that thing wearing the Deadpool mask is, must save the Dead family from Nukes, Aliens or whatever ridiculous scenario conjured up to see issues. 

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Pirate Website Htmlcomics.com Says Goodbye

Pirate website Htmlcomics.com closes it’s door with a little help from it’s friends…all of them.The site was hosting thousands of illegally scanned comics for from every major distributor.I know there’s a lot of questions regarding the sudden shutting downing of the site. Like when will it be back and where will I get my books from now? Just leave your name, address and IP in the comments and I’ll make sure the FBI gets back to you ASAP with an answer.

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PSA – Free Comic Book Day This Saturday

Whether you’re new or old to comic books, this Saturday is a chance to get FREE comics. Seriously who doesn’t like free stuff? If you want to see if your comic book store is participating, head over to FreeComicBookDay.com and type your zip code into the handy locator to find a participating retailer near you.

Some highlights of free issues include: Doctor Solar/MagnusWar of the SupermenIron Man/ThorToy StoryIrredeemableDC Kids,The TickGreen HornetArtifacts: First Look and several others.


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Titans: Villains For Hire

Spinning out of the pages of Brightest Day, Deathstroke leads a team of “Titans” turned assassins that are hired to kill Ryan Choi aka The Atom. The group consists of: Deathstroke, The Tattoo Man, Cheshire, Sun Girl, and the recently resurrected Osiris. The addition of Osiris to the team, makes this line up even more bizarre. Osiris is one of the featured twelve that were resurrected in Blackest Night.

Some Titans fans are upset by the book. Over at DC’s own message board, several fans have already started boycotting the title. The feeling is that the Titans are heroes, never villains. Other fans have pointed out the fact that other than Deathstroke and Osiris briefly, the team has no real tie to the Titans. Seems more like a marketing ploy then an actual Titans tie-in.

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