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Every Mass Effect Comic Ranked
June 1, 2017 | Comic Features
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Games We Love: Devil May Cry 4
February 27, 2017 | PS4 Features
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Games We Love: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
December 13, 2016 | PS4 Features
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Have Platinum Games Lost Their Magic?
October 10, 2016 | PS4 Features
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Top Spooky Games for the Spooky Season
October 6, 2016 | PC Features

PS3 Features

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Why I Like Single Player Games

My brother has almost exclusively played sports games in the last decade, although recently he has started playing other kinds. A couple weeks ago he bought Call of Duty: Black Ops, and after playing a few story missions he’s been pretty exclusively playing the online with his friends. There’s nothing wrong with this, but he made a comment I disagreed with, to the effect that playing with your friends is much better than single player. I’ve seen even more extreme versions of this idea in posts on the Internet, going so far as to say even including an offline component in an online-focused game like Call of Duty is pointless. I’m not actually worried about developers abandoning single player modes in games in the future, but I thought I’d explain why I think it’s an important part of gaming and why I like them so much.

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The PS3 Team’s Favorite Controversial Games

In light of the Supreme Court recently hearing arguments on the constitutionality of California’s law regarding violent and inappropriate video games, the PS3 team decided to look back and remember some of their favorite games to cause uproars among some of the more uptight members of our society. Whether it’s violence, profanity, sexuality, or anything else, these are games that people have claimed are harming our children, regardless of if they actually understand the extent of the content or not. These games are also a lot of fun, and often smarter than a lot of the safe stuff parents think is fine for their kids.

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The PS3 Team’s Favorite Horror Games

It’s almost Halloween, which means everyone is thinking about costume parties, candy, and their favorite scary movies. There are plenty of scary games too though, and we thought we’d get in the spirit of the season by talking about some of our favorites. Not all of these are necessarily horror games, but they at least have a spooky theme that reminds us of the season.

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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Beta Preview

Assassins Creed 2 was an impressive single player experience that came close to winning many writers’ game of the year awards in 2009. Since the game lacked a multiplayer component, it was hard to rationalize a GOTY title when you consider the continued enjoyment associated with the replay value of multiplayer. Ubisoft hopes to cover all their bases with the release of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

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Space Invaders: Infinity Gene Preview

Released in arcades back in 1978, Space Invaders introduced to the world what the shooting game genre was capable of. Developed by Taito, the game is widely considered one of the most influential games, if not the most influential game, ever made. Thirty-two years later and the franchise is still popular enough to warrant receiving a much needed face-lift along with another opportunity to wow the masses. Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, published by Square Enix, is being crowned the next evolution of the venerable series. 

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The Hot Female Journalist Gimmick

There are many annoying things going on in the video game industry right now, such as fanboyism, motion sensing, the 3D glasses movement, the Wii… the list can go on and on. However, one of the most annoying things is the “token hot video game journalist chick”.

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Enslaved Preview

Monkey’s tired, worn out body is jolted awake by an emotionless woman’s voice over an echoing broadcast from within a massive airship’s hull. He has been captured by a cruel alien force that hovers above the planet and abducts the last few survivors on earth to do their bidding. As he struggles to figure out where exactly he is, a scared, red-haired girl somehow escapes from her confines and overloads the ship’s containment controls. Monkey’s enclosure is violently blown off its hinges and slams to the ground. He emerges bewildered and angry wanting only to be free again. This is when the player finally gets a glimpse of what Monkey can really do.

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Resident Evil 5 MOVE Impressions

Of all the games that have been released to coincide with the launch of Sony’s new Move controller the large majority, if not all, are aimed squarely at the casual gamer. Presumably in an attempt at wooing the some of Nintendo’s fan base which might be getting bored waiting on news of the long rumoured Wii HD.

One of the questions that will probably be most interesting is whether Move will predominantly be used in casual and family titles, or will it be adopted as a legitimate alternative to the Dual Shock by the existing PS3 gamers?

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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Preview

Sengoku Basara may not sound familiar to those living in the U.S.A., but the gaming franchise has thrived in Japan spawning several sequels on the PS2, PSP and Wii consoles and even received a 2-D fighting game adaptation. The game series also developed into an insanely popular anime that is wrapping up its second season. Americans may need to dive back into 2005 and search for a game called Devil Kings; this was the first installment of the Sengoku Basara series as well as the last title released outside of Japan. Today, fans can check out Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, Capcom’s latest answer to the Samurai Warrior’s genre of hack n’ slash and large-scale warfare.

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Quantum Theory Preview

Quantum Theory is an “Epic” departure from the Dynasty Warriors games that have been Tecmo Koei’s claim to fame for years. No, seriously. This game looks like it was stolen from Epic Games’ designer offices. Instead of a sprawling landscape filled with thousands of feudal soldiers, Quantum Theory is a third-person shooter that has been nicknamed “The Japanese Gears of War” by many who have followed the game’s development and progress. That moniker could turn out to be more accurate than expected if the demo is a good indication of the final product. The game mimics the “roadie run”, the control scheme, the weapon interface, the cover system, the look button and even the soundtrack feels like you’re listening to a Gears tribute band.

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