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Top 10 Events to Look Forward to at E3
June 10, 2017 | PC Features
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Another One: Call of Duty: WWII
April 28, 2017 | PS4 Features
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The Sonic Cycle and Will Sonic Mania or Forces Succumb to it?
March 27, 2017 | PS4 Features
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First Look at Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
March 9, 2017 | Xbox One Features
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Games We Love: Devil May Cry 4
February 27, 2017 | PS4 Features

PS4 Features

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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2016: Dan’s Top 10

I think it’s safe to say that many people are glad to finally get 2016 behind them. 2016 has also been a difficult year for gaming. As I was constructing my list, I didn’t expect to see what made it in the end. A lot of games I was expecting to make it to the […]

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Checking In: Street Fighter V’s Season 2

Season 1 of Street Fighter V has officially come to a close with their most recent update. And with that, Season 2 begins. After a glimpse of Street Fighter V Season 2 with the Akuma, I thought now would be a good time to return to Capcom’s popular fighter. With this huge update comes several […]

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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2016: Matt’s Top 10

It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate the best games I had the pleasure of playing this year. I must say there are some caveats. Of course I haven’t played everything but I mostly got a chance to play the games that caught my eye. A few notable exceptions of games that may […]

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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2016: Jason’s Top 10

With the year coming to a close, it’s a good time to look back on some of the games that released this year. It’s been an interesting year, with surprise hits, massive flops, and even the release of games that had long been written off as vaporware that would never see the light of day. […]

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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2016: Carson’s Top 10

2016 came at the heels of shattered expectations from preceding years. From immersive, lifelike simulators such as Elite: Dangerous and all-time legend Undertale, indie games and small developers raised the bar well above most AAA competition, which has relied mostly on a mix of remastered classics and small incremental changes to running sequels. I am not afraid to voice […]

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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2016: Allie’s Top 10

And so 2016 comes to an end. It’s been a strange year of gaming for me. Coming up with this list made me realize I haven’t played a single AAA title that came out this year.  Nope. 2016 has been Allie’s year of iOS and indie games. So if you’re looking for something to play […]

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Games We Love: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The gaming world was itching for more Marvel vs. Capcom and they got their wish at the PlayStation Experience earlier this month. The Infinite “reboot” was announced for a 2017 release, but also a PS4 port of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out that same night. Amidst all the hype that day, I bought that port […]

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Checking In: Star Wars Battlefront’s Rogue One DLC

EA and DICE recently celebrated the one year anniversary for Star Wars Battlefront. Players that didn’t get the season pass were able try out the expansion packs free for a limited time. Plus there’s the Complete Edition release with every DLC included last month. However, DICE had one more expansion to launch before the end […]

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Playstation Plus: Free Games for December 2016 (PS4)

This month, the free games you PS4 Playstation + subscribers provide endless amounts of gameplay in two very different worlds. Invisible, Inc. takes you into a futuristic world of corporate espionage. If hacking corporate security systems aren’t your thing, then Stories: The Path of Destinies‘ fantastical branching narrative might be what your looking for. Invisible, Inc.  Developer: Klei Entertainment Publisher: […]

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PlayStation Experience 2016 Recap

The third annual PlayStation Experience was filled with trailers and announcements, some we saw coming and some that just blew us away. Unfortunately, not every faithful fan was able to experience the show for themselves. Luckily, we gathered all the information shown today off for your viewing pleasure. Here is a recap of PlayStation Experience […]

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