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Metal Gear Survive Announced
August 17, 2016 | PS4 News
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SDCC 2016’s Fighting Game Announcements
July 23, 2016 | PS4 News
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SDCC 2016: Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017 Announced
July 23, 2016 | PS4 News
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The Fighting Game Announcements From Evo 2016
July 17, 2016 | PS4 News
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New Overwatch Hero Ana Revealed
July 12, 2016 | PC News

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Rockstar Games Hints at New Red Dead

Ever the fans of cryptic and hype-building announcements, Rockstar Games has recently been teasing a few images that seem to point towards a new game in the much-beloved Red Dead franchise. On October 16th, the Rockstar Games’ Twitter account posted an unassuming image – a worn image of their logo displayed on a flat red […]

Read Full Article Can you spot the player about to get a hard lesson in Dark Souls?

New Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel Trailer Showcases PvP Combat

Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for Dark Souls III’s first DLC, Ashes of Ariandel. The trailer showcased some shots of the new snowy area along with new enemies, weapons, armor, and magic. Along with the new additions, the trailer also gives players a look at the newest multiplayer content. Ashes of Ariandel will include a […]

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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror Begins Today!

Starting today, something wicked comes to Overwatch. The seasonal event “Halloween Terror” provides new spooky skins along with other treats and a new game mode. Loot boxes have transformed into jack-o’-lantern for players to either purchase or earn. Each jack-o’-lantern is guaranteed to contain at least one Halloween themed item. From graveyard victory poses, to Witch-Mercy […]

Read Full Article beyond-good-evil

Beyond Good and Evil Free for Ubisoft Club

Ubisoft makes its 2003 action-adventure platformer, Beyond Good and Evil, free for subscribers this October. The release follows in the trails of Ubisoft’s report at E3 that a sequel for the game entered pre-production. An announcement of the sequel was first given in 2008. Developed by Michel Ancel, creator of the Rayman series, Beyond Good and Evil was originally envisioned as the first of a trilogy. […]

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Oculus Connect 3 Reveals Lower System Requirements, New Peripherals

Today Oculus Rift announced that the system requirements for running the VR headset are lower than thought, making it easier to afford the cutting-edge system. The requirements to use the Rift aren’t completely ridiculous, but they were out of the range of the average consumer who isn’t heavily into gaming. Manufacturers like Asus and Alienware made […]

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New Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows the Bond between a Pilot and His Titan

Respawn released a new campaign trailer for Titanfall 2. This story trailer puts a Pilot’s skills and capabilities in full display. The action then quickly shifts from Pilot to Titan while the ongoing battle continues in the background. Titans start to tear through the foot soldiers until other Titans begin to show up. New Titans […]

Read Full Article call_of_duty_infinite_warfare_beta_reveal_feature

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Schedule Revealed

At this year’s Call of Duty XP event, Infinity Ward and Activision revealed the beta period for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare would begin on October 14th. Today the company has detailed the exact schedule for their exclusive beta. Players who pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 version will have access to the beta a week early. […]

Read Full Article watch-dogs-2-marcus-and-dedsec

Get to Know DedSec in latest Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

Incoming transmission from DedSec! Today Ubisoft released a new trailer for Watch Dogs 2 featuring the colorful cast that protagonist, Marcus Holloway. This story trailer brings a fresh look at the major players on both sides of the conflict between the hacker group DedSec and the powerful corporations they’re trying to take down. Their primary […]

Read Full Article screen shot 2016-08-17 at 9.10.55 am

Metal Gear Survive Announced

It was only a matter of time when Konami was going to move on with the Metal Gear franchise without Hideo Kojima. Whether fans like it or not, Konami still had plans for the future for it. Today, we got a glimpse of at it with the announcement of Metal Gear Survive. IGN had the […]

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Fighting Game Announcements From Gamescom 2016

Gamescom 2016 at Germany has been going on this week and more characters were announced for upcoming fighting games. The Soul Calibur VI rumor train keeps on rolling and Capcom already confirmed Urien for September in Street Fighter V. Fresh off the Suicide Squad movie, Harley Quinn makes her return to Injustice 2, but Deadshot […]

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