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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Banned Footage Vol.1 DLC (PS4) Review
January 31, 2017 | PS4 Reviews
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Checking In: Uncharted 4’s Survival Mode
January 3, 2017 | PS4 Features
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Playstation Plus: Free Games Roundup January 2017 (PS4)
January 3, 2017 | PS4 Features
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Hands-On with the Gravity Rush 2 Demo
December 26, 2016 | PS4 Features
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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2016: Jeffrey’s Top 10
December 23, 2016 | PS4 Features

PS4 Features

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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2016: Allie’s Top 10

And so 2016 comes to an end. It’s been a strange year of gaming for me. Coming up with this list made me realize I haven’t played a single AAA title that came out this year.  Nope. 2016 has been Allie’s year of iOS and indie games. So if you’re looking for something to play […]

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Games We Love: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The gaming world was itching for more Marvel vs. Capcom and they got their wish at the PlayStation Experience earlier this month. The Infinite “reboot” was announced for a 2017 release, but also a PS4 port of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out that same night. Amidst all the hype that day, I bought that port […]

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Checking In: Star Wars Battlefront’s Rogue One DLC

EA and DICE recently celebrated the one year anniversary for Star Wars Battlefront. Players that didn’t get the season pass were able try out the expansion packs free for a limited time. Plus there’s the Complete Edition release with every DLC included last month. However, DICE had one more expansion to launch before the end […]

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Playstation Plus: Free Games for December 2016 (PS4)

This month, the free games you PS4 Playstation + subscribers provide endless amounts of gameplay in two very different worlds. Invisible, Inc. takes you into a futuristic world of corporate espionage. If hacking corporate security systems aren’t your thing, then Stories: The Path of Destinies‘ fantastical branching narrative might be what your looking for. Invisible, Inc.  Developer: Klei Entertainment Publisher: […]

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PlayStation Experience 2016 Recap

The third annual PlayStation Experience was filled with trailers and announcements, some we saw coming and some that just blew us away. Unfortunately, not every faithful fan was able to experience the show for themselves. Luckily, we gathered all the information shown today off for your viewing pleasure. Here is a recap of PlayStation Experience […]

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Games We Love: Until Dawn

Few adventure games nail it in terms of making the tough decisions when time is not on your side. But what if you combine that with teen-based survival horror? Supermassive Games tackled that with last year’s Until Dawn. The decision making in this game can actually lead to serious consequences for the teens. I also enjoy […]

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Hacking the Planet with Overwatch’s Sombra

The latest update to Overwatch was a big one on all the platforms it’s out on. Arcade mode is a new addition where you can play 3v3, 1v1 or full 6v6 matches with no limits. This is also where brawls are at now. The big change is in quick play where you can’t have a […]

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Will Titanfall 2 Stand a Chance This Holiday Season?

Titanfall 2 is a brilliant game, but luck really hasn’t been on its side. The original Titanfall was loaded with hype. At the time, everyone was excited to see the brainchild from the geniuses who brought the games industry the legendary Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Then came the final product, an Xbox exclusive, multiplayer-only […]

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PlayStation Plus November Free Games Roundup (PS4)

The Tower of Deadly Monsters Developer: ACE Team Publisher: Atlus Released: January 19, 2016 The Tower of Deadly Monsters is a top-down action game that takes us into a sci-fi cult classic film from the 1970s. The movie… er, game has three main protagonists: the space explorer Dick Starspeed, the evil emperor’s daughter Scarlet Nova, and […]

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Two Weeks With PlayStation VR

We’re two weeks into the PlayStation VR era for the PlayStation 4 and many wonder if Sony’s mainstream approach is finally VR’s coming out party. The Oculus and Vive headsets have been out for a while now this year for PCs. The barrier of entry for either of those is quite steep compared to PlayStation VR. To […]

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