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Games We Love: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
December 13, 2016 | PS4 Features
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Have Platinum Games Lost Their Magic?
October 10, 2016 | PS4 Features
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Top Spooky Games for the Spooky Season
October 6, 2016 | PC Features
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Ten WWE Superstars Worthy of A 2K Showcase
September 12, 2016 | PS4 Features
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PlayStation Meeting 2016 Recap
September 7, 2016 | PS4 Features

PS3 Features

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The Effect of Bad DLC: Don’t Buy the Season Pass

The rise of downloadable content on the last generation of consoles have been primarily a great thing for the industry. Getting more of a game you love without having to wait for a sequel has been fantastic. After a rough start with some bad examples perfectly summed up by horse armor, DLC then created some […]

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Five Hits & Misses from Sony’s TGS 2015 Conference

The Tokyo Game Show starts off this Thursday and once again Sony (SCEJA) had a press conference highlighting what’s next from Japan from 1st and 3rd parties for the upcoming year. There were definitely moments that got fans hyped and also bummed, so let’s talk about what announcements stood out and what didn’t. Hit: Bloodborne: […]

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Games We Love: Journey

Thatgamecompany’s Journey came out in 2012 on PS3 earning many game of the year awards. It’s mystique and sense of discovery is unlike any games I played in recent memory. Playing it and not knowing how it controls and what to do was part of this gem’s charm. Journey’s PS4 version kicks off Sony’s Playstation Store Play […]

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Franchise Forecast: Splinter Cell, Max Payne, Army of Two

Some series are huge and everyone knows they will continue and get new games. Series like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Mario will always have new games coming out. But other franchises are not as certain. Some game franchises have gone dormant or faded away. And now people are wondering: Will we get […]

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Sony E3 2015 Press Conference Recap

Sony’s E3 conference has passed for another year and what have we learned? Well quite a lot actually. Sony certainly brought the surprises this year and really double down on the hardcore fanbase. The future looks good for 2016 and beyond, but what is the reason you should buy a PlayStation 4 right now? Let’s […]

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EA E3 2015 Press Conference Recap

Going into this conference I was concerned EA might not have enough to show or that they would repeat the mistakes of past conferences. Awkward moments, forced humor and long dragged out segments. And sadly all of this came true. The EA conference was an abysmal trainwreck that felt long with very little to actually […]

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E3 2015 Preview: Square-Enix

E3 2015 is coming soon and so is the Square Enix E3 Conference. Square-Enix is a strange company. Known primarily for their hugely successful and long running Final Fantasy series (and other JRPGs), the company has expanded more in the last few years. They now publish all sorts of games from different studios around the world. […]

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E3 2015 Preview: Ubisoft

E3 is that time of the year where all the big game publishers and developers put on their nicest clothes and awkwardly announce what we will be playing in next year or so. Ubisoft will once again have a media event and once again Aisha Tyler will be the host. I like Aisha, but sadly […]

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E3 2015 Preview: EA

E3 will soon be here. Tons of developers and publishers and other companies crammed into the LA Convention Center, all of them there to discuss games and gaming related stuff. It is a hellish nightmare. But also, its one of the most exciting times in the games industry. EA will once again take to the […]

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E3 2015 Preview: Bethesda

For the first time ever,  Bethesda will get up on stage and have their own press conference at E3. In years past the company has brought games to E3 and has even had games like Fallout 3 on stage at other companies’ conferences. But now Bethesda thinks they have enough big and exciting news to warrant […]

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