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Yooka-Laylee (PS4) Review
April 18, 2017 | PS4 Reviews
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Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Review (PS4)
April 3, 2017 | PS4 Reviews
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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review
April 1, 2017 | PC Reviews
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Lego Worlds Review
March 27, 2017 | PS4 Reviews
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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands (PS4) Review
March 20, 2017 | PS4 Reviews

PC Reviews

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Quadrilateral Cowboy Review (PC)

  Quadrilateral Cowboy is a game as puzzling as its name. It is set in a weird alternate-history version of 1980. Its main form of gameplay comes from typing computer commands. It stars a woman named Poncho who buys hacking equipment from a cat. Oh, and it’s a puzzle game, of course. Yep, the world of […]

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Song of the Deep Review (PC)

Usually, when I ask people what their least favorite level in any given game, the answer I get is “the water level.” From Ocarina of Time’s water temple to Super Mario Bros. World 2-2, no one seems to like water. So it comes across as something of a ballsy move when Insomniac, of Ratchet & Clank […]

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Furi Review (PC)

   Zipping around at the speed of sound, a lone samurai seeks to break out of his prison. And he will cut down any who stands in his way. If that sounds like the kind of badass that you’s expect from a boss, then you’re in luck. In Furi, that samurai badass is you. Furi is a […]

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Inside Review

In this review of Inside from Playdead Games, I will not be delving into any end of game spoilers. I have to spoil one thing, but I will warn you about it. If you’ve been reading my reviews on video games you probably realize that I don’t use spoilers tags. It’s obnoxious, but try as […]

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Mighty No. 9 Review (PC)

For those of you in the dark, Mighty No. 9 is the long-awaited “spiritual successor” to the legendary Mega Man games. Along with other projects like Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Mighty No. 9 gained a massive following off of its Kickstarter campaign back in 2013. It exceeded its initial campaign goals, and […]

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Trials of the Blood Dragon (PC) Review

During all the E3 madness there was also some games being released and not just talked about or announced. One of those games was Trials of the Blood Dragon; announced and then immediately released during Ubisoft’s annual conference. A rather unlikely mash up between Trials, the popular physics based motorcycle series and Blood Dragon, the […]

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (XB1) Review

In 2009, the original Mirror’s Edge was released. It was ground breaking on a lot of fronts. It was a fast-paced, first-person platformer, that emphasized movement and escape over combat and cool weaponry. It had a protagonist that was non-white and a woman. It was beautiful. Not everyone loved it, but it had a strong […]

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Homefront: The Revolution (PS4) Review

I barely remember the first Homefront game. What I do remember was a poorly made and linear Call of Duty clone that had a really stupid online pass. Remember those things? The new Homefront, Homefront: The Revolution is a bit different. It still feels poorly made, but instead of being linear it’s set in an […]

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The Witcher III: Blood and Wine (XB1) Review

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is more than a year old and it has been quite a journey for the developers CD Projekt Red as well as the series’ protagonist Geralt of Rivia. From it’s characters, beautiful open world to explore and such eye-opening quests, it was my runner up for game of the year […]

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Overwatch Review (PC)

  Over the past few years, Blizzard has really started to kick up their game production. From Diablo III and Starcraft II up to Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, the gaming giant has really been pumping them out. Now, Overwatch has become Blizzard’s latest and greatest release, and it’s the first new IP Blizzard has […]

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