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Top 10 Events to Look Forward to at E3
June 10, 2017 | PC Features
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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Slated for September 19th
April 25, 2017 | PS4 News
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Star Wars Battlefront II Official Trailer
April 15, 2017 | PS4 News
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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Releases in August
April 11, 2017 | PS4 News
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Destiny 2’s First Trailer Sets the Stage
March 30, 2017 | PS4 News

PS4 News

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for March 2017

PlayStation Plus owners! Are you ready for your free games of March 2017? This month, PlayStation Plus owners will get the action-packed Disc Jam and the beautiful Tearaway Unfolded. Disc Jam pays homage to the arcade classic, Windjammers. Therefore, Disc Jam is an insanely addictive cross between air hockey and tennis. Players scramble to retrieve […]

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Introducing Orisa, Overwatch’s Robot Tank Hero

Several weeks ago, Overwatch introduced kid prodigy Efi Oladele, a savant in robotics. She hinted at a project that she kept under wraps, but would reveal shortly. As now seen on Overwatch’s website, Orisa, a new tank hero, joins the fray for players to try. Initial Impressions: Gameplay Orisa’s abilities, as reportedly intended by Blizzard, put her at the frontline. The majority […]

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New Character Announcements in Fighting Games for 3/2

Turns out today was the perfect time for “all” the fighting games to announce new characters. Well more like three actually for two upcoming games and one that has been out for a while. Let’s all run them down in one piece below. First up is one of the older DC characters making his fighting […]

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Revealed

Following rumors of an upcoming sequel, WB Games has confirmed the next chapter of Shadow of Mordor. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will bring back Talion and Celebrimbor, as they turn all of Mordor against the Dark Lord, Sauron. The trailer doesn’t give much information away, but just enough to give viewers an idea of the […]

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Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy Coming June 30th

Prepare for some good ol’ Playstation nostalgia this summer. Crash Bandicoot is back in the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy. Back before Uncharted and The Last of Us, Naughty Dog created our favorite marsupial platformer. Now he’s in the hands of Vicarious Visions, the team behind the highly successful Skylanders series.  They’ve gone and completely remastered the first three Crash Bandicoot games […]

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Swamp Thing Confirmed for Injustice 2

NetherRealm Studios has officially announced the next new fighter for Injustice 2, Swamp Thing. Just as the Black Canary reveal before it, Swamp Thing’s reveal comes complete with a trailer showcasing some of his moves. From the short trailer, Swamp Thing appears to a fun character to use. It shows off some crazy moves such as […]

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Newcomer Kolin Joins Street Fighter V’s Season 2

Capcom has revealed Kolin, the latest character to join Street Fighter V today. While technically not a newcomer in the series in terms of story, Kolin finally makes her gameplay debut on February 28th. From the Street Fighter III games, she is Gill’s servant working in the shadows to get things done. She also played a […]

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Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary Brings New Games and Entertainment

Even though the venerable Final Fantasy series doesn’t technically turn 30 until December, Square-Enix has chosen today, the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII as the day for their big “30th Anniversary Event”. The event, which Square-Enix hosted in Tokyo, was used to showcase highlights from the series It also reveled in nostalgia for the beloved franchise as […]

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Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin coming to PS VR this February

You can use your brain… Over ten years after its initial release, Psychonauts is finally back! Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is a new standalone adventure for PlayStation VR coming February 21st. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the series, this game is probably one of the most exciting releases for PSVR to date. … […]

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Meet the Mass Effect: Andromeda in Latest Trailer

A new trailer detailing some upcoming plot points in Mass Effect: Andromeda has released. We already got a cinematic trailer for the upcoming game, but another video released introducing the crew of the Hyperion. Your mission is to travel far into a new galaxy, finding new worlds for human life. While the previous games in […]

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