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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review
March 16, 2017 | Wii-U Reviews
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1-2-Switch Review
March 15, 2017 | Wii-U Reviews
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Fire Emblem Heroes Review
February 10, 2017 | Mobile Reviews
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Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) Review
January 30, 2017 | Wii-U Reviews
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Super Mario Run Review
December 21, 2016 | Mobile Reviews

Wii-U Reviews

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Sing Party Review: There Are Better Parties Worth Going To

Sing Party definitely has the fundamentals for a good karaoke game, but it needs a little more to stand up to the other karaoke games that are out on the other consoles.

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Nintendo Land Review: A Solid Showpiece for the New Wii U

Does Nintendo Land for the new Wii U have the same impact as Wii Sports had for the Wii? Find out in our review.

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Crashmo Review: A Sequel Better Than eShop’s Best Game?

Crashmo is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Pushmo for the Nintendo 3DS. Crashmo’s predecessor was one of the most compelling and exciting new IP’s from any Nintendo system in recent years

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New Super Mario Bros. U Review: Is Mario’s HD Debut The Game to Get on Wii U?

New Super Mario Bros. U is one of the must-get launch titles for the Wii U, but be prepared for deja vu, especially hardcore fans.

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Tetris Party Deluxe Review

Tetris Party Deluxe is a deluxe version of the hit Wiiware game, Tetris Party, which came to the Wiiware service on October 20th, 2008. Two years has passed since the Wiiware debut but is it worth picking up the deluxe version after two years already on the digital market?

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Metroid: Other M Review

Given the almost 50/50 emphasis of story vs. action in Other M, it stands to reason that if either the gameplay or storytelling was of a higher level, maybe it could compensate for the flaws in the other. Between the two, the storytelling is the better done, but only because the gameplay–which is from one of the best pedigrees in the medium– is so subpar. Nintendo took a step forward in storytelling, but digressed everywhere else.

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What is Black, White And Red All Over? Madworld Review

Violence and the Wii; two things rarely ever combined. Even Nintendo executives would probably agree that the Wii is not necessarily geared to the more blood-hungry, arguably more mature, gamers. However, eager to fill the void, developer Platinum Games and publisher Sega released the action packed Madworld on March 29, 2009.
To start with, Madworld‘s story is equally confusing and mysterious. First we are greeted with scenes of Varrigan City in crisis and the Mayor giving an urgent press conference. Terrorists have simultaneously released a deadly virus and usurped the transportation and television facilities. Soon thereafter, the screen cuts to our protagonist Jack as he confronts a masked assailant. Immediately after Jack dispatches the foe, the mysterious Agent XIII contacts Jack and acts as his sponsor for the terrorist created show Death Watch. Finally after a confusing beginning, we are thrust into Madworld.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

With sequels, it’s easy to get a feel of what to expect – more of what its predecessor offered, while improving on aspects that didn’t pan out the way as the developers intended. This is usually, if not always, the case. With Super Mario Galaxy 2, you won’t know what hit you. It’s a freight train of surprise, a paroxysm of ingenuity, an endless stream of balls-out craziness. There probably won’t be a better game this year. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is really frickin’ amazing.

It starts ever so predictably. Peach is kidnapped, Bowser’s going to break the universe and Mario’s going to stop all this nonsense with starship that reflects the exact size and dimensions of his ego. The lack of effort gone into the narrative is laughable and it seems like Nintendo was aware of how they tried even less with weaving any kind of yarn, because a lot of the dialogue in the text reflects a kind of humor that just screams “We don’t care. Shut your face and play our damn game instead.”

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Red Steel 2

Going into Red Steel 2, I was excited. I had never played the first one so I don’t have anything to base it on but the look and combat all seemed very intriguing. After booting it up, I was very pleased. The opening sequences were very great, albeit hampered by terrible load times. The load times happen by your character just staring at a door, waiting for it to open. It breaks the immersion quickly and makes you want to yell at your TV screen.

Combat was one of the most stand-out things at last year’s Nintendo E3 Press Conference. It looked fluid and beautiful. For the most part, the game lives up to that. But there’s times when I found myself just shaking my arm furiously trying to swing the sword to no avail. And having to swing harder to do a more powerful attack seemed like a bad idea. It’s not that it’s necessarily broken or anything, it’s just that the combat is so hectic and crazy, there’ s no time to stop and try and throw your arm back even further to do a harder attack.

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

He is the most recognizable figure in video games and Nintendo is celebrating his 25th anniversary (23rd in the US) by releasing an old-school side-scroller that pays homage to his decorated lineage. Of course I am talking about Mario and speaking of that lineage, Nintendo threw a party at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center for Mario’s anniversary and I was lucky enough to attend. Take a look at the video!

The new game is New Super Mario Bros. Wii and it takes elements from the greatest of Mario’s titles from over the years (mostly Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, with hints of the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and Super Mario 64 sprinkled in). Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser for the millionth time and it is up to Mario to traverse eight worlds (inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World) broken up into 69 different stages.

To make matters more difficult, Bowser has pulled out all the stops. After their 18-year hiatus, the seven Koopalings (again from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World) Larry, Morton Jr., Wendy O., Iggy, Lemmy, Ludwig von, and Roy are back along with Bowser Jr. to defend the castles at the end of each world. Bowser Jr. is also traveling in style since Bowser’s old airship has been rebuilt and will continue to pester Mario on his quest. Also brought back into the mix are the many varieties of brothers who used to pester Mario way back in Super Mario Bros. 3. Hammer, Boomerang, Giant Hammer, Fire, and Wrench brothers are back along with the all-new Ice brothers, and always seem to pop up in Mario’s path at the worst possible moments.

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