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Disney Infinity is decidedly less so
May 10, 2016 | Wii-U News
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Persona 5 Slated For September 15 at Japan
May 5, 2016 | PS4 News
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The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 2: Give No Shelter Review
March 30, 2016 | Xbox One Reviews
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Hideo Kojima Has A New Studio & Is Working With Sony On PS4 Exclusive
December 15, 2015 | PS4 News
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The Game Awards 2015 Recap
December 4, 2015 | PS4 News

PS3 News

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LittleBigPlanet 2 Confirmed; Details

Last month, musician Ochre let slip on his Twitter account that his song “Infotain Me” would be appearing in LittleBigPlanet 2, thus confirming the title is in development. Now, GameInformer have gone a step further, revealing its appearance in the June issue of their magazine.

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inFamous 2 Website?

With E3 rapidly approaching, it seems Sony is gearing for an announcement fro inFamous 2 at their press conference. SCEA has purchased the domain name infamous2thegame.com. It isn’t up yet, but the name itself tells quite a lot. This could just be Sony preparing for anything, but it’s most likely the sign of a sequel. Given the success of the first game, inFamous 2 could possibly be Sony’s next system seller.

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Zipper Interactive Defends Playstation Move

SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive’s Travis Steiner spoke regarding SOCOM 4, the Playstation Move, and addressing skeptical fans. For all those that are worried that the Move will ruin the experience of the future SOCOM games, Steiner assures fans that everything is going to be fine. Zipper has designed SOCOM 4 with the standard DualShock controller in mind, and that the Move controller is just another option.

In regards to the quality of the motion controls, Steiner asserts that they work quite well and players have reacted positively to the new control scheme. Both control schemes have the same functionality. However, testing has shown that the Move offers faster and superior target acquisition. Mr. Steiner believes that people that prefer to play shooters on their PC will see the type precision and fluid movement from Move that they get from a mouse and keyboard.

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PSN Rumors

I believe a premium service would be a great thing for Sony. Many of us may already know about the rumors that have spread across the internet about its contents and price. Late last year Kaz Hirai, Officer in charge of Networked Products & Service Group of Sony Corporation, confirmed  that PSN will get a premium service sometime this year. Details on the content the premium service will include is still unknown but everything that has been discussed so far should help PSN greatly.

One of the rumored premiums is cross-game voice chat access. This service is highly prized by most Playstation 3 owners and is a service the Xbox 360 has had for a long time. I believe that with this service alone many Playstation 3 owners would buy a premium subscription to PSN. There are many PSN users who wish they could chat with friends while playing a game. With a log in/log out option, those who do not wish to be bothered could opt out.

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Mass Effect 2 on PS3

Mass Effect 2, the critically acclaimed action RPG, will find a new home on the Playstation 3 console. According to EA, the game will come with “hours of bonus content.” The new content has not been identified as of yet. The game will release in late January of 2011. No information has surfaced as to what if any graphical improvements will be made to the PS3 port or whether or not the original Mass Effect will make a similar transition onto Sony’s console. Mass Effect 2 is currently available for the Xbox 360 and PC.

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PlayStation Network Plus Advantages

With the addition of Playstation Network Plus for the PS3 people have been wondering what advantages they would get from going to a free online experience, to one you would have to pay for.  Well today James Thorpe, PSN’s Product Manager, has started to get into specific perks the Plus member will have.  Here are […]

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Socom 4 Pushed Back to 2011

The title says it all really; Socom is being pushed back to early 2011.  Obviously it isn’t too much of a push but it is still disappointing.  For anyone cursing out Zipper for making you wait longer, just think about how angry you would be if you got the game earlier and it had a lot of bugs or didn’t feel polished, so whenever a game pushes its release back for the benefit of quality it’s kind of a good thing.  They want to take the time to make the perfect for all of their fans before it comes out.

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