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The Defenders Miniseries Review
4 hours ago | TV Reviews
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Rick and Morty – The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy Review
16 hours ago | TV Reviews
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The Tick (Spoiler-Free) Review
August 21, 2017 | TV Reviews
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Game of Thrones – Beyond the Wall
August 21, 2017 | TV Reviews
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Rick and Morty – Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender Review
August 19, 2017 | TV Reviews


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True Blood Minisodes

So with less than two weeks left to go before the season three premiere of True Blood, I thought I’d post the five minisodes that HBO have released as a teaser to keep us all going till June 13th. Each short clip is around three minutes long and although they don’t give away many clues to what’s going to be in store, each is really quite entertaining and definately worth the watch. My personal favourite is the first, I love Eric’s character and his reactions to the auditions are great.

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Summer TV Show Roundup

So you’re looking for a little entertainment from TV this summer?  Well it’s your lucky day.  It seems that more and more summer is becoming a time for the cable broadcasters to bring out some of the best series, while the commercial networks try out some experiments.  Let’s look at some of those summer shows you might enjoy. HBO is going to have a treat for us coming Sunday June 13th.  It’s the third season of True Blood and I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.  Look for things to be really turned upside down with some new characters like Werewolves and some new additional Vampire characters.   Sookie will be spending time looking for Bill… of course, Eric is there to help and supply her with some assistance.  Also on paid TV, look for continuing episodes of Weeds and Dexter on Showtime.

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Get It Watched! – The Border

Get It Watched! highlights some of the unsung heroes of the small screen; the lesser known programs that people often overlook. I’ll be looking at shows not just from the US but also from the UK, Canada, Australia and other English speaking countries and each edition will feature a different recommendation and rundown of what you are missing.  Please, please recommend your own picks for shows you feel are the orphan children of broadcasting, because I am only one guy (albeit one with stunning good looks and incredible intellectual insight).

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Justified – The Hammer

Season One – Episode 10

What an interesting story. Raylan has been off duty because of his involvement with Ava Crowder.  Because of this Boyd Crowder is out of prison causing a ruckus.  In addition, Raylan arrested the Harlan Police Chief, so now Bo Crowder is out of prison as well.  Bo is back to running his empire of drug runners and Boyd is choosing to follow his new religious pursuits.  Boyd seems genuine in his faith, but there is an underlying evil presence in him.  Walton Goggins may deserve an Emmy nomination for his supporting role as Boyd Crowder.

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Justified – Veterans

Season One, Episode 11

Did anyone else notice that the Director of this week’s episode was Tony Goldwyn?  Who is Tony Goldwyn you ask?  Remember the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg?  Well Goldwyn was the bad guy who was Swayze’s best friend.  Just a bit of trivia for our readers.  There have been some really interesting Directors for this show so far including Adam Arkin and Jon Avnet to name a few.

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Stargate Universe – Subversion

Season One, Episode 18

I’ve always wondered what Lou Diamond Phillips real part was going to be in this serialized scripted show.  We finally get to find out what really is going on and we get a view into what may be a major storyline for next season.  Even out here on the other side of the Universe Destiny is being plotted against by Earth’s adversaries from the Milky Way.

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24 – Day 8: 2:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M

As Jack Bauer’s final hour as a CTU agent came to a close, I couldn’t help but feeling an overwhelming sense of nostalgia wash over me.  It helped to flush away the bitter taste left over from any disappointing seasons or episodes that the show produced over the last eight years and instead helped me to remember the show it should be remembered: as one of television’s greatest and influential dramas.  “24” took an idea (each episode being an hour in a day) and turned it into a television show that combined cliffhangers, twists, turns, double agents, action sequences, moles, and an infectious tick-tock sound effect that acted as the segue way between the show and commercials.  “24” grew better over time, and while some shows lose their popularity over time by sticking too closely to a format, “24” remained watchable even when it was considered mediocre.  Fortunately for the show, a mediocre season of “24” was better than the best season of some other shows, and it’s final season, which was frustrating at times and brilliant at others, ended on a surprisingly quiet note.  There was still plenty of great action scenes, and we got to see Jack Bauer doing what Jack Bauer does best: killing terrorists, getting justice, and just being an overall bad-ass.  However, the final scene of the show decided to trade in a game-changing cliffhanger for some subtle yet emotional character development.  While it may not have been the perfect series finale, it was still great and reminded us of everything “24” does good.

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