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The Walking Dead – Mercy Review
9 hours ago | TV Reviews
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NYCC 2017: Freeform’s Siren Interviews
11 hours ago | Comic Features
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The Gifted – eXposed Review
October 19, 2017 | TV Reviews
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The Flash – Mixed Signals Review
October 18, 2017 | TV Reviews
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Supergirl – Triggers Review
October 17, 2017 | TV Reviews


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Futurama- The Duh Vinci Code Review

Futurama has been back now for about a month and I for one couldn’t be happier. There was some fear that after being gone for so long, that the show would have a hard time getting acclimated to a weekly format. I’m pleased to say that those fears can now disappear. Futurama is probably the smartest animated comedy and when they are on a roll, the episodes are some of the bet you can watch, and even when they are not, the show is still top tier. This weeks episode, The Duh-Vinci Code, while not amazing, was a funny instalment that focused on simply making us laugh.

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Eureka – A New World

Aptly named, A New World picks up directly after the game-changing events of last week, which saw the show’s six central characters return to a reality, that on closer inspection, is certainly not the one they left behind.

 Although the faces are familiar, a game of time-travelling musical chairs appears to have taken place, with Fargo now the director of G.D., Jo as his head of security and Allison the Chief Medical Officer (I’m almost certain that she holds a different title, but I’ve been watching a little too much Star Trek this week). Tess is back in the picture and provides the newest obstacle to the ever-teasing sexual tension between Jack and Allison. Zane no longer wants to Marry Jo and has reverted to the behaviour we witnessed on his arrival to Eureka. Even Andy, the slightly unconvincing, but reassuringly comical android has returned as the new Deputy. But possibly the most significant evolution is the absence of Kevin’s autism, making it possibly for the show to entirely reinvent his character. This last alteration to reality is one of a selection of details that has each character devloping conflicting responses to their new situations. Jo is heart broken to have lost the man she loves, but Allison can finally communicate and interact normally with her son and by her own admission, will do whatever she can to cling on to that possibility.

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Psych – Romeo & Juliet & Juliet (Season Premiere)

At the start of Psychs fifth season premiere, it looks for a moment like things might be changing for Shawn and Gus (James Roday and Dulé Hill) and their “psychic” detective agency.  Shawn’s dad (Corbin Bernsen) is now working for the police department. Juliet (Maggie Lawson), their friend on the police force, has transferred away thanks to leftover trauma from the season four finale and Shawn’s girlfriend from last season, is officially out of the picture. There’s even a brand new credits sequence.

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Lost: The Mystery Continues? – Top 5 Unanswered Questions

Lost may have finished, but will it ever truly be over? After the series finale The End, message boards and podcast are still trying to decipher what happened. As controversial as the finale was on wide variety of issues, some questions and the answers we seek are still elusive.

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Covert Affairs – Pilot

Over the past few years, the USA Network has introduced a number of primetime original programs that have found audiences. Covert Affairs is their newest and while, if the pilot is anything to judge from, the show isn’t their strongest, it does manage to hold audience interest and has the promise of a better future. At its core, Covert Affairs is a spy thriller about the life of a new recruit as she becomes acclimated with not only her new job, but also the effects it has on her personal life. The show stars Annie Walker, played by Coyote Ugly fame Piper Perabo, as she gets called up from the CIA training ground to the big show. Her superior language skills (she is fluent in at least six) make her the best candidate for a new mission

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Is That a Season Premiere in Your Pocket?

Fox released its Fall schedule today and even a superficial glance reveals a line-up brimming with season premieres, as has now become tradition. House, Glee, Fringe, Bones and Human Target all return and the network continues its monopoly of adult cartoons with its Sunday line-up of The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad. 

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True Blood – 9 Crimes

We are now 4 hours into season 3 and True blood still appears to be wandering amongst the Vampires, werewolves and telepaths, looking for plot direction. There are glimmers of hope that bleed through the confused narrative, but the tenuous connections between stories simply aren’t strong enough to maintain audience interest for much longer.

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