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Top 10 Events to Look Forward to at E3
June 10, 2017 | PC Features
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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Slated for September 19th
April 25, 2017 | PS4 News
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Star Wars Battlefront II Official Trailer
April 15, 2017 | PS4 News
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Destiny 2’s First Trailer Sets the Stage
March 30, 2017 | PS4 News
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Introducing Orisa, Overwatch’s Robot Tank Hero
March 2, 2017 | PC News

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BATMAN: The Telltale Series Release Dates Announced

  Being Entertainment Fuse’s resident Telltale Games fanatic (a title I just invented, claimed, and will defend with personal duels), I’m happy to bring to you the following aggressive dose of aww yeah. MMMMM. That’s exactly the scratch that I needed itching. Back in December, when this game announced I think I went questing around […]

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The Fighting Game Announcements From Evo 2016

Evo 2016, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, just concluded and boy what a weekend it was. From epic matches, today being at the Mandalay Bay Events Center and Street Fighter V finals on ESPN2, it is a weekend I will never forget as a fighting game fan. However, it was once again a […]

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New Overwatch Hero Ana Revealed

Blizzard finally released competitive mode for Overwatch earlier this month, but that’s not all they got this month. Rumored for a while, we got official confirmation of a new support sniper joining the fold soon. Her name is Ana and the gameplay trailer showcasing her playstyle is available to watch below. Ana’s biotic rifle snipes enemies […]

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Evolve is Going to Be Free

If you’re anything like me, when you heard of Evolve you thought this: so… I fight other players as a gigantic monster… that seems… cool… very cool. It’s likely you also thought about all of the inventive ways you were going to Cloverfield your friends into submission. And since you’re like me in this scenario […]

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Bioshock: The Collection Release Date Announced

That’s a cool trailer. It fills me with longing for BioShock. Just listen to that last line: “We swim in different oceans, but land on the same shore. And it always starts with the lighthouse.” BioShock is the greatest game series I have ever played. It is surprising, inventive and beautiful. Each installment is a self […]

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Balrog Also Coming to Street Fighter V’s June Update

Once again, Capcom had another surprise up their sleeve at the end of one of their Pro Tour tournaments for Street Fighter V. Last night at CEO 2016, I expected a launch trailer for the cinematic story mode, the biggest and long awaited addition yet to the game, but we got a Balrog trailer instead, […]

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Ubisoft E3 2016 Press Conference Recap

The buzz going in was that would be updates for Watch Dogs 2, as well as Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor. I’m a fan of the Assassin’s Creed games so I was looking forward to some news on the next game there. Most of those expectations were met (except Assassin’s Creed). There were two surprises for […]

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Street Fighter V’s June Update Detailed

Let’s just say it has been a rough couple months for Capcom with Street Fighter V. From the lack of communication with the userbase that they started to improve in the last week, Capcom Pro Tour drama and Ibuki not coming out last month as previously planned., the mishandling of this game’s surroundings has been […]

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Watch Dogs 2 Reveal Trailer

Considering how much controversy Watch Dogs generated after it’s launch, I would be surprised to find out that today has seen the reveal of a sequel if it weren’t Ubisoft we’re talking about here. Jokes aside, the new trailer for Watch Dogs 2 looks fairly impressive. The number of crazy gang-related hijinks shown montage-style makes […]

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided E3 2016 Gameplay

The makers of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided have really strutted their stuff with today’s new lengthy gameplay trailer. This trailer, which lasts nearly 18 minutes, showcases some of the main gameplay features that the Deus Ex team seem to be focusing on the most. The footage centers on the game’s initial city-hub and takes us […]

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