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Supernatural – Abandon All Hope

In their continual effort to find the Colt the boys track down the demon who possesses it. They get directed to a Missouri town that the Devil himself is abiding in bringing one terrifying thing to pass.

It will be difficult to write this without revealing a whole lot. There was death, destruction, reapers, angels, demons, hell hounds, and finally the appearance of another Horsemen.

Sam and Dean’s search for the Colt comes to an end when they track down the crossroads demon who possesses it. With Castiel trailing him they manage to find his hiding place. Something unexpected happens though and they retrieve the Colt and are pointed toward the Devil.

Besides Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel, Jo and Ellen are along for the ride. This is one bumpy ride and it seems that not everyone will make it out alive. So the Winchesters are finally going to face down the Devil. A terrible, but eventual situation for the boys. Castiel sees literally hundreds of reapers and the gang is attacked by those hell hounds I spoke of before. Lots of tension and action in this episode.

If you are a fan of this show this is what we have waited for. I would recommend you check this out soon. A great dropping off spot before the rest of the season starting up in January. I might go through a little withdrawal myself. Supernatural continues to be one of CW’s premiere shows and definitely one of the best on television. Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman

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Supernatural – The Real Ghostbusters

Sam and Dean come to a location because Becky who knows Chuck called them about an emergency. When they show it’s actually the first Supernatural Convention and there are a bunch of Sam and Deans walking around. Chuck announces there will be more books.

When I first heard about this episode and found out more specifics I was really looking forward to it. It did disappoint me slightly in that it was not exactly what I expected. Fortunately the story was weird enough and twisted enough to more than make up for the disappointment.

So having the first convention at a haunted house? Nice touch. Sam and Dean trying to stop people from being hacked to pieces all the while pretending not to be themselves. Priceless. The plot itself was very straight forward. It would seem that the women would be the danger over the four boys the way history had recorded it. Unfortunately Sam and Dean really couldn’t be very thorough with Sam and Dean’s running all over the place. They had to do something quick before things went South. The scene in the Graveyard was excellent. The later scene in the study was even better. Any specific discussion of the plot would ruin the story, but there is one pretty solid twist in the middle that becomes apparent fairly quick.

Let’s just say that Chuck and especially Becky won’t be call Sam and Dean to come to another of these conventions and that the participants probably got more than they bargained for. Very entertaining Supernatural and a great continuation of the fifth season. Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman

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Supernatural – Changing Channels

The Winchester boys are dealing with the Trickster again when the Incredible Hulk (the Lou Ferrigno version) kills a man in his own home. The boys finally track him down, but it’s a trap. They are stuck inside television land with hundreds of channels.

I have never liked the Trickster as a character! He’s just not my personal favorite. He always has seemed way too powerful versus all of the other creatures, monsters, and demons they have run into. Now we know why!

I guess the way he kept flicking Castiel away was the giveaway for Sam and Dean. The hospital bit was sort of cute. The Japanese game show was very funny. The sitcom was just strange, but I liked the girl! The best was the crime procedural though. The sunglasses at night and the way they tricked the Trickster was ingenious. If he really was what he was suppose to be that would have done it.

Finally Sam as Kit was pretty humorous. Dean getting wind of what the Trickster really was and them planning his demise was brilliant. Great episode with a classic ending, the three of them walking out of the warehouse and jumping into the car to drive into the night. Pretty cool. Next week looks like a hoot. A Supernatural Convention! Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman

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Supernatural – Season 5, Episode 7

Everyone’s playing poker but the stakes are quite high. You see you aren’t playing for money or glory. You’re playing for your life. Either taking years away or adding them on. For starters Bobby and Dean are on the negative side of things. A curious tale for Halloween of a Manwitch as Dean likes to call him. This witch is 900 years old and loves to play games of chance. It seems he has been doing this so long it almost seems as if he is manipulating the results, but in the end he really isn’t.

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Supernatural – I Believe Children Are Our Future

Dean and Sam are investigating strange happenings relating to childhood stories when they come upon something I’m sure they hadn’t really considered. A half human/half demon capable of massive destruction for either good or evil.

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Supernatural – Fallen Idols

Dean and Sam go to Canton where famous figures seem to come to life and kill those that worship them.

“Dude, you just got wailed on by Paris Hilton!”

What a wonderful break from the heavy duty episodes we have had this seas

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Supernatural – The End

Sam reaches out to Dean to get back together. Dean refuses. Zachariah grabs Dean and moves him five years into the future to show him the results of his decisions. So Dean gets a first hand view of the destruction of man and the end of the Earth.

Another terrific Supernatural episode. I don’t generally enjoy the whole move around in time thing, but this was handled exceptionally well. With two Deans in the future Zachariah makes a real mistake. You really have to pay attention when the jerk that’s talking is you!

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